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Published on August 5th, 2022 | by richvongod


Meet Ashford Sanders the Macrocosm of Gospel Music

The macrocosm of the Gospel is being hit by a celestial tornado, a fresh sound as Ashford sings with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This melodic breeze picks up and invites gospel aficionados and newcomers to join his tidal wave. From church arenas, TV screens to concert hall, Ashford Sanders has been seizing the public by the ear with his unique vocal imprint. More than a gospel singer, The Mississippi native vows to be a vessel spreading the beauty of fellowship through music.

Born in the whirl of music, his musical pilgrimage started before school benches; as he recalls, his family would hear melodies before his first onomatopoeias. When he was given his first keyboard at the age of 5, playing music became natural, a sign of a God given gift, which he promptly gave back by playing for his Baptist church when he turned 10 years. As he learned the grasp of music, he wrapped his craft around The Canton Spirituals, known pioneers in traditional gospel. His career took a significant turn when he met Doug Williams from the well-known Williams Brothers. They both a cornerstone) with the release on “The Blackberry record presents, wedding songs” also ‘Songs Mama Use to Sing”. The year 2012 underlines Ashford’s global shift when he joined the hit TV show BET Sunday Best, and gracefully reaching the top 5. Kim Burrell was amazed by his genuine delivery, calling him “anointed” while Kirk Franklin cajoled the audience into ” Doing the Ashford”, creating a dance phenomenon. In 2015, Ashford eventually convulsed the web with a footage showcasing his ability to galvanize an expected audience with his candid falsettos. This musical moment amassed 10 million views on Facebook, and opened many doors.

“THE ULTIMATE PATH TO GOSPEL” With a huge following up his sleeves and a brand new album in sight, Ashford Sanders intends to become an atemporal brand and a timeless experience. With the Holy Ghost and music engraved on his soul, he’s ready to tantalize inquiring souls while revamping Gospel music his way. He is ready to take on his calling not only as a singer, but a writer, producer, TV Host and more. He is also very passionate about his work in taking care of the needy. With great hope, Ashford aims to fulfill his purpose in life by winning as many souls over to Christ as he can through his gifts.


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