Published on August 25th, 2022 | by Paul Roberto


Rap Maven Marcus500 Is A Mainstay In The Music World

Marcus500 is a seasoned musician with experience spanning over 15 years. He is known for his crazy popularity on Spotify and is a sought-after artist in his local music scene. Coming from a multi-talented background, Marcus learned the pulse of his purpose was destined with a mic in his hand and people vibing to the records he puts forth.

In middle school, Marcus discovered his passion for music, but he never thought of pursuing it as a career, given his focus on earning good money. He knew the struggles of a new artist in the industry. Marcus500 has updated his discography with some unreleased records and is working hard to develop more unique and unconventional music that will enthrall his fans like never before.

Becoming a rising music sensation in this highly saturated space was not easy for Marcus Initially, he struggled with adapting to new ideas because he could not keep an open mind. This also led to few connections in the industry, which slowed down his growth. Over the years, Marcus500 has learned every trick to penetrate the music scene and network with like-minded creatives.

Making valuable connections in the industry was his first step to reaching the position he is in today. It was also preceded by hard work and persistence. He has a will of steel to never give up on his craft, so he kept honing it until he achieved success. He now wants his journey to inspire others to navigate the industry confidently. He wants to continue motivating people through his music and encourage them to follow their passion no matter what comes their way.



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