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“I Realized My Sports Career Was Over” – Tyler Star

Tyler Star is a true student of the game when it comes to music. During the course of his decade-long career, he has successfully managed to integrate his creative gifts as a producer, singer and artist manager. The 30 year old has had remarkable success working with several mainstream figures such as P Diddy, Lil Wayne, Da Baby, French Montana, G Unit, DMX, Cardi B, Lil Tjay and Mobb Deep to name a few. His stellar accomplishments have been well documented by 50 Cent’s publishing company known as ThisIs50. Tyler has had headline stories in other big publications such as The Source Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly. The Hype Magazine’s international correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) sat for an interview with Tyler Star (TS). Below are some excerpts from the interview.

“Music Manager” – Tyler Star

CM: Let’s start with your name, Tyler “Star”. At the time of selecting this as your stage name, had it already occurred to you that you were destined to be a star? 

TS: It’s kind of funny how my name came about, it was when Facebook first started. I used to have one of those signatures at the end of each post that said Tyler Star status every time I posted then I eventually drop the status and kept the star lol

CM: What exactly pushed you to pursue music and more importantly, what did you seek to achieve in the music industry? 

TS: I used to mess around making music when I was young but I really started to get involved with music after I realized my sports career was over because I could not play Senior year after transferring. Before I started gaining some recognition I used to sell tickets for an independent record label when they threw big concerts and that’s where the all access status began.

CM: Early on in your music career, you got a chance to work with Lil Wayne’s protégé, Lil Chuckee. How instrumental was this in shaping your career? 

TS: This was a big part of my career because it was one of my first major moves. At the time Lil Wayne and Young money were the most lit teams of artists. It definitely opened up doors with radio and touring.

CM: You have evolved into an excellent artist manager but this was not always your goal was it? 

TS: I was primarily an artist until when I was younger my computer crashed with all my material on it so I picked up directing videos and managing artists. I wore a bunch of hats in the industry but management really stuck with me.

CM: Most people would have called it quits after losing all their tracks like you did when your computer crashed. You chose not to give up and I’d like to know how you developed such a resilient mindset?

TS: Well the first thing I did and will recommend to anybody is back up all of your stuff on a hard drive. After that incident I actually started to think a little smarter because I had less time to waste. Managing artists allowed me to use my artist and directing skills to help other talent do what they were dreaming to accomplish.

CM: Taking into account your decade’s worth of experience in the music industry, what would you say is the most valuable lesson you have learnt?

TS: I would have to say the most valuable lesson or advice I could give is very cliché but stay consistent. If you’re consistent and have a great product then make sure you invest into yourself and stay consistent.

CM: What can we expect from you in the summer of 2022? Any big projects  to speak about?

TS: Always working on something new but for this year You will have to stay tuned.

Akon & Tyler Star

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