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The Hype Mag x evilgiane – Surprise tape ‘#HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1’ (Out 1/23) [feat. 03 Greedo, Anycia, 454, Rx Papi, Nettspend etc]

Surf Gang super-producer evilgiane is dropping his new mixtape #HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1 tomorrow (1/23), along with a video for “LIL WAYNE” (feat. Slimesito & K$upreme) – would you be down to cover it?

#HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1 is led by its two singles “40” (feat. xaviersobased & Nettspend) and “BASIC” (feat. Anycia & Robb Bank$), boasting other features from artists like 03 Greedo, Rx Papi, 454, Bear1Boss, FLEE and more (full tracklist + info below). evilgiane has been steadily showing his growing demand and influence on the modern-day Hip-Hop sound through collaborations with everyone from Kendrick & Baby Keem to Earl Sweatshirt, Veeze, Playboi Carti & A$AP Rocky over the past few years. #HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1 is a culmination of giane’s bounce-heavy sound that he keeps on catering to an extensive list of today’s most interesting artists. Pulling from elements of Drill, Electronic and Jersey Club, giane’s production inspires a wide range of artists to step outside of their comfort zone – causing #HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1 to act as the soundtrack for what’s hot right now while giane keeps flexing his range on the boards. Please find more info below & lmk if you’d be down to cover the new tape + video – thank Jerry!

evilgiane – #HEAVENSGATE Vol.1 + “LIL WAYNE” (feat. Slimesito & K$upreme) 

evilgiane – #HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1

01. LAND (feat. JDN & SHAD)
02. INFORMANTS (feat. Slimesito)
04. DREAMT IT (feat. JDN & Harto Falión)
05. PSA (feat. JDN)
06. IDK NUN (feat. Bear1Boss)
07. UGLY PRETTY (feat. Harto Falión)
08. STARBURST (feat. N.A.O. Quelly & 454)
09. SNOWFLAKE (feat. K$upreme)
10. BRANDY (feat. FLEE)
11. SHOTTAZ (feat. Dee Aura)
12. TALKING TO A WALL (feat. Harto Falión)
13. PAP SHIESTY (feat. Rx Papi)
14. LIL WAYNE (feat. K$upreme & Slimesito)
15. DIGITAL (feat. K$upreme)
16. 141 (feat. Harto FaliónNOLANBEROLLIN & EERA)
17. SIP SIP (feat. 03 Greedo)
18. BEEN DA WAVE (feat. 03 Greedo & EERA)
19. BASIC (feat. Anycia & Robb Bank$)
20. 40 (feat. xaviersobased & Nettspend)
21. 2 GUNS (feat. Smoove Dinero)
22. CROWD SURF (feat. Dee Aura)
23. GLAMOROUS (feat. Durkalini & Woesum)

evilgiane is a fixture among the New York music scene and beyond, whose presence and ethereal production style continue to bleed its influence into the mainstream Hip-Hop of today. The Surf Gang founder consistently creates his very own melancholic yet menacing sound through his production, blending a unique combination of sounds from subgenres like drill, footwork, trance and trap. As a testament to his growing popularity and influence, 2023 has served as a breakthrough year for evilgiane, with production credits on Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem’s ”The Hillbillies”, as well as Earl Sweatshirt’s “Making the Band (Danity Kane)” – adding to the growing list of production credits for many of the modern greats including Playboi CartiA$AP RockyBktherulaVeezeBabyxsosaRealYungPhil and Black Kray. He was also recently a featured producer on PinkPantheress‘ to hell with it (Remixes) compilation, reworking her track “Reason” into a stuttering, blissful rendition. In addition to his recent live dates with DJ KennSky FerreiraVegyn and Snow Strippersevilgiane has also recently released his self-titled ambient tape and collaborated on projects with 454Matt OxSerane and John Glacier this year. With the recent releases of “BASIC” (feat. Anycia & Robb Bank$) and “40” (feat. xaviersobased Nettspend), evilgiane has been revealing glimpses into his collaborative, boundary-pushing sonics that highlight his new mixtape #HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1 – out now with features from 03 GreedoxaviersobasedNettspendAnyciaRobb Bank$FLEERx Papi and more.
Press Quotes

“[evilgiane] has blown up like a SpaceX rocket – an inquisitive and restless soul eager to expand his purview beyond the rigid parameters of the scene he started in.” – Abe Beame, Vulture

“As the New York City drill scene continues to morph and evolve, Surf Gang’s lead producer [evilgiane] stands at the meeting point between Brooklyn drill, Bronx drill, and sample drill.” – Jordan Rose, COMPLEX

“[evilgiane] concocts ‘the perfect storm’ – perpetually on the verge of flying off the rails.”– Matthew Ritchie, Passion of the Weiss

“As [evilgiane] continues to redefine the hip-hop landscape, evilgiane’s journey is one to watch, promising innovation and boundary-pushing sounds.” – Tallie Spencer, Remix’d Mag


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