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Published on December 13th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


TaniA Kyllikki May Not Put Herself in a Box Musically, But She’s Ticking All the Right Boxes

With her God-given singing and songwriting ability, she has blown us all away. TaniA’s voice makes you think back to the days when big-voice vocalists ruled the airwaves. Much like the late Whitney Houston, who had a captivating powerful voice. Certainly, TaniA Kyllikki is also a rare gem who’s hidden amid the grit of the music scene. Her brave spirit is matched by her innovative musical vision and delivery. Her hopeful, sensual, and aromatic voice is a product of the blues’ rhythmic profound emotional turmoil. She has an intrinsic conservatism in her mind that, once broken down, reveals a storehouse of perseverance that she gives to the world through her music.

H.W.C. offers songwriter and vocalist TaniA Kyllikki and musician Rynellton aka Garry D. Hairston, a wonderful combination that allows both to shine. This song features exquisite soulful vocal shifts from the rich lows to the extreme high whistle notes of TaniA’s amazing vocal range, as well as the R&B/Pop crossover in the soundtrack produced by Rynellton. This record is refreshing, it flawlessly captures the sounds of both the past and the present. The lyrics by TaniA are extremely rewarding due to her novel storytelling approach. The music video improves the quality by using scenic mountaintop scenes and cutting-edge dancing to convey the song’s emotional tone. 

Hints indicate the release of another song in the new year of 2023, followed by her second upcoming album. “British songbird,” a nickname given to TaniA, released her first debut album titled “Why Chapter One” earlier this year. Already, her raw songwriting style and wide vocal range as heard in “Handle with care – aka – ‘H.W.C.’,” “Many Shades of Grey,” “Puppet on a String,” “My Hero,” “What if,” and “Lie with me” has earned her comparisons to Adele, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Andra Day, and Minnie Riperton. But despite the praise, TaniA is still TaniA in her own right; in addition, she is making a favorable impression with her music that is set to last.

Awe Inspiring Records is credited as the label that released H.W.C. Rynellton, aka Garry D. Hairston, is the Music Producer. Written by TaniA Kyllikki. John Woodard, of seasons music lab’s, prepared the music files. Phil Dust, of dust mastering, did a fantastic job mixing and mastering the entire song. Music video shot by PIXILATE Films.

Make sure you listen to “H.W.C.” and “Why Chapter One.” Follow TaniA Kyllikki, to hear about her upcoming 2023 releases.

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