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Published on January 4th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Li1LEAN Drives Fans Into a Frenzy as He Visits Home Country Mexico

The world is huge with diversified cultures, rituals, traditions, and languages. Every country has its language and culture. However, when it comes to music, it is universally appealing to the audience. Language has never been a barrier, and that’s the beauty of music. Making the right waves, Li1LEAN is one of the most celebrated musical artists in the industry.

With his roots in Mexico, the musical artist spent significant time in the USA. Known for his chartbuster tracks like ‘Perreo’, ‘LEAN’, ‘Loba’, ‘Sky Fall’, ‘TUCA’, ‘Mi amor’ and ‘Janguear’ among other songs, Li1LEAN has won everyone’s heart with music. 

Connected to his home country Mexico, the musical artist flew there to spend time with the Latin community. This Christmas was special for Li1LEAN as he provided essential commodities, food, gifts, and other items to those in need. The musical artist is not only loved for his work but also for his generosity. 

As Li1LEAN flew to his home country, people gathered at El Angel de la Independencia, the heart of Mexico City. The fans got to see a glimpse of their favorite star and also received pictures, autographs, food, gifts, and other exciting rewards. The highlight of his visit was not a meet-and-greet session, but a smashing performance by Li1LEAN. 

The musical artist left his fans in Mexico City spellbound with a remarkable performance. Knowing that people of different age groups gathered to meet him, he performed a song that was widely appreciated by one and all. Originally known by the name Gabriel Montes, he is a Latin-English musician, singer, songwriter, and producer. 

The young lad rose to fame with his popularity among the Latino community. Moreover, his diverse music on social networks saw Li1LEAN become a fan favorite. While he creates songs in both languages, the artist knows how to make universally appealing music catering to people of all age groups.

Catch him on IG: @li1lean


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