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Published on February 27th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


AMC Release New Looks at Highly-Anticipated Spin-Off of Legendary Show The Walking Dead

Back in 2010, a certain zombie TV show that refused to refer to its zombies as “zombies” changed the game. The Walking Dead not only inspired a zombie fad that we can still see going fairly strongly today, but it also set the stage for big-budget, long-episode, epic television shows.

Given that it boasted millions of viewers even to its final season some 12 years down the line, AMC was always going to be hesitant to let the main TWD franchise die off. So, to join the other spin-offs that found varying degrees of success, the network is scaling up to the launch of its new series following its biggest characters.

Legacy characters to keep The Walking Dead alive

Regardless of the central story now being over, The Walking Dead will remain highly regarded as a show and now a brand. What started as a series of comics boomed into a global sensation on the screen, inspiring countless collectibles and its own slot games. The online casino gambling at Paddy’s features the original TWD slot as well as the latest AMC The Walking Dead: Ca$h Collect game.

Both feature the most popular characters and, of course, Walker-inspired features to bring slot gamers an experience akin to that of the absurdly well-received show. In the newer release, Ca$h Collect, the focus goes to Negan, Michonne, Rosita, Carol, and Daryl, with three of those characters going into three different spin-off shows. In March, Negan and Maggie will go to New York, and in 2024, Rick and Michonne will conclude their story.

Set to be the biggest draw, however, is The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. Played by Norman Reedus, Daryl is an original character of the show – not hailing from the comic book source material – and yet, he proved to be one of the more endearing. Reedus’ role was undoubtedly one of the reasons why the figures predicted by the Reporter’s piece were between three and five million for the finale, as fans still attached wanted to see what happened to him. Now, we’ve been given some first looks at where his story will go next.

First looks at Daryl Dixon’s spin-off revealed

In January, AMC announced that its upcoming show centered on the fan-favorite will arrive in the second half of the year, so February is the perfect time to start releasing looks at the series. Most intriguingly, Daryl will be roaming France in the spin-off, having washed up on the continent, but in an interview, Reedus warned fans not to expect a continuation of the core show with this one being “way different.”

According to the actor, the tone, light, story, characters, sound, and overall vibe are very different. Even after some filming, he confirmed that it’s both epic in scale and moody in tone: the new images from AMC seem to reflect this. In one, he’s clearly bound, and in another, he’s taking a horse and cart through deserted streets before grey skies. Then, of course, there are the Walkers making their way through what would have once been a very pretty walkway.

Daryl Dixon is the perfect character and spin-off story for a different tone and wildly different location in the franchise, as he himself is an original character to the show. So, it won’t break the lore established by the source material and could even bring in more fans who’re looking for a different zombie-infested story.

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