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Brooklyn’s BK Cashmere Teams Up with YouTuber Peter Santenello to Share Stories from the Projects

In cities around the country, low-income public housing buildings known as “The Projects” have been there for decades. The cultural and creative energies of the city owe a great deal to these neighbourhoods, which are more commonly associated with crime, poverty, and a lack of possibilities. Tywan Harris, aka BK Cashmere, CEO of The Cash Administration, is just one of many brilliant minds to emerge from this scene. With a career spanning over a decade, BK Cashmere has established himself as a major player in the hip-hop scene, receiving praise for his lyrical skill and commitment to the genre.

In order to give YouTube viewers a real and unfiltered look at life in the New York Projects, BK Cashmere recently teamed up with Peter Santenello, who is recognized for his in-depth travel and culture documentaries. Cashmere and Santenello, in a series of fascinating and thought-provoking videos, investigate the difficulties of public housing residents and share their inspiring tales of perseverance, friendship, and the undeniable impact of hip hop on their everyday lives.


BK Cashmere’s Incredible Ride

BK Cashmere’s upbringing in the Projects meant that he had an early introduction to life’s difficulties. But he channeled these experiences into his music, and by 2004 he had been recognized by The Source Magazine as “the artist leading the charge in bringing new life to NY hip-hop.” Cashmere has released several albums and mixtapes over the years, to widespread praise and devoted fans.

“Ready 2 Live,” Cashmere’s ground-breaking record, was released in 2019, while “Resilience,” his most recent and critically lauded effort, was released between 2021 and 2022. His reputation as an artist who can connect with listeners all around the world has been bolstered by these new recordings, which also demonstrate his development as a rapper. Cashmere’s music is a monument to his strength and the potency of art, as it captures the unfiltered truth of life in the Projects.

BK Cashmere has spent his entire career taking his talents and experiences to various audiences around the globe. Cashmere’s art has been appreciated all the way from Africa to Japan to Singapore to Indonesia to Samoa and beyond.

Work Done in Conjunction with Peter Santenello

The work that BK Cashmere and Peter Santenello have produced together provides a rare and unvarnished glimpse into everyday life in the New York City Housing Projects. Santenello and his collaborators delve into issues of class, family, race, and the passing down of knowledge in the Projects in a series of videos posted on his YouTube page.

Santenello discussed his thoughts on Cashmere’s narrative in an interview for the Jordan Harbinger Podcast. He emphasized the intergenerational nature of public housing. Understanding the lives of the millions of people who are stuck in a cycle of poverty and suffering is made possible by Cashmere’s and his family’s experiences in the Projects.

Through his partnership with Peter Santenello, BK Cashmere has created a forum for the underreported histories of the people who make up the Projects, illuminating the hardships they endure while also showcasing the enduring strength, resilience, and inventiveness of the people who call these neighbourhoods home.

Influence and Importance

As a reminder of the transforming power of hip-hop and the significance of sharing genuine experiences from those who have suffered through suffering, BK Cashmere’s work with Peter Santenello is a potent reminder. Cashmere is a role model for aspiring artists because of his extraordinary life story.




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