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Published on May 5th, 2023 | by Natalie Patrick


The Beaches released a breakup anthem, ‘Blame Brett,’ with a music video

The Beaches, the unstoppable Canadian alt-rock sensation, are back with a vengeance, dropping their provocative new single “Blame Brett” along with a thrilling music video. The track, an irresistible blend of humor, heartache, and ferocity, is a bold warning to potential new partners of lead singer Jordan Miller’s relationship-wrecking tendencies, fueled by the lingering pain of a past breakup. This exciting release comes ahead of their highly anticipated sophomore LP, Blame My Ex, slated September 15th.

From the get-go, “Blame Brett” captivates listeners with Miller’s haunting vocals, swiftly followed by electrifying instrumentals. Dynamic guitar riffs, an enthralling bass line, and frenzied percussion create an irresistible sonic tapestry that is urgent and brimming with angst. The track fearlessly defies convention, offering a refreshingly unique spin on the classic breakup anthem while unearthing genuine vulnerability beneath its unapologetic chaos.

The accompanying music video perfectly encapsulates the song’s flirtatious and hedonistic essence, featuring the band members clad in vibrant leather, cheerleader skirts, sultry lingerie, feather boas, and 90s-inspired sunglasses.

Speaking about the new single, Miller shares,” ‘Blame Brett’ is a song with a little bit of a misleading title. It’s not really about my relationship. It’s about feeling vulnerable and afraid to open your heart to someone new. I’m basically talking to my future partners, explaining that I can only offer something casual while my heart heals—a song for all the hot messes out there.”

Hailing from their namesake neighborhood, The Beaches comprises lead vocalist/bassist Jordan Miller, guitarist Kylie Miller, keyboardist/guitarist Leandra Earl, and drummer Eliza Enman-McDaniel. The band has achieved immense success with over 60 million streams across major platforms and six #1 singles on Canadian Alternative Radio.

The Beaches have been honored to perform alongside legendary artists such as The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters. They have also received recognition from Elton John and two Juno Awards. Their 2022 North American tour was a significant success, with sold-out concerts throughout Canada. This has paved the way for their upcoming album to make a big impact globally.

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