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Published on June 16th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Space Runners and Smiley Present Game-Changing NFT Partnership

Smileyworld by Space Runners

Space Runners, the leading fashion tech platform, is collaborating with the world-famous fashion and lifestyle brand, Smiley, to launch a groundbreaking collection of NFTs tied to physical products that promise to revolutionize the digital marketplace forever. Smiley, who has been pioneering in the licensing space for over 50 years, chose Space Runners to take their intellectual property (IP) to a new height with the launch of their first NFT collection that is set to become a historic moment for fashion, tech, and licensing. 

The “Smiley World by Space Runners” is a unique collection that merges the realms of digital collectibles, AI technology, and physical merchandise, and it’s set to debut with Worlds in the Summer of 2023. This iconic long-term partnership is set to revolutionize the licensing market and redefine the power of Web3 technology. By creating an immutable record of ownership for digital assets on the blockchain, these collaborations eliminate counterfeit NFTs, setting the precedent for other IP brands to follow. This collaboration presents an opportunity for NFT owners to become partners in direct sales, events, and co-branded collections through Artificial Intelligence, providing a next-gen platform to collaborate with leading fashion brands and major fashion retailers, opening the door to exciting new possibilities. Through partnerships with retail giants, Space Runners is creating new business models and revenue streams, giving customers the option to purchase fashion-oriented physical products that are associated with the NFTs and pay for them using a credit card, similar to any other online purchase. 

The collection tells the story of ten Smiley Worlds, which are threatened by a growing black hole that endangers their existence. However, the worlds unite and devise a plan to resist the black hole’s pull and destroy it. They succeed in defeating the black hole and life on the Smiley Worlds starts blooming again. To commemorate their triumph, the worlds decide to share and unlock their values and utilities in the form of NFTs, to help the community level up their own abilities and spread positivity to the galaxy. 

Each world in the collection features a different theme, including streetwear, gaming, music, and mental health; with a mission to create a community of positive thinkers who are committed to making the world a better place. By promoting positive messages through clothing, events, digital art, and more, the collection encourages individuals to take action towards change, giving owners of “Smiley Worlds” a unique status symbol that represents their commitment to making a positive impact in the world – become the next level version of the blue checkmark on social media.


In addition to this ground-breaking innovation, owners of Smiley Worlds will have exclusive access to upcoming drops, receive royalties from merchandise sales, be able to access multiple generative drops of upcoming NFTs inspired by their worlds, present plans for the usage of their NFT, and collaborate with the Space Runners team. 

Earlier this year, Space Runners made headlines when they joined forces with the iconic French fashion house Balmain to create a one-of-a-kind collection of digital wearables and physical apparel. The collaboration, which was presented during Paris Fashion Week, was a stunning display of both brands’ credibility in the luxury fashion industry. This innovative approach to fashion not only pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the digital fashion space but also allowed Smiley – a pioneer IP in the space, to partner with Space Runners to take this project to the next level, due to their credibility in high-fidelity design and luxury. 

The “Smiley World by Space Runners” collaboration will be available on Open Sea Summer, 2023. For more information, visit 

About Space Runners 

Space Runners is a fashion tech platform that empowers aspiring designers by providing them with AI and Web3 tools to enable seamless design, creation, and collaboration. Co-Founders Won Soh and Deniz Özgür created Space Runners as a destination for luxury and lifestyle fashion in the digital space, providing a platform to collaborate with leading fashion brands to co-create and retail designs at major fashion retailers. A high-fidelity fashion experience empowering the next generation of culture creators. Building the most immersive digital fashion experience which rewards meaningful connections, relentless creativity, and self-discovery. 

Space Runners’ first collection, featuring NBA champions Nick Young and Kyle Kuzma, sold out in nine minutes. Space Runners was one of the official partners of the third Balmain Festival in Paris. Space Runners is backed by VC + Web3 Technology leaders including Pantera, Polychain, Accel, Jump Capital, and investors including Animoca Brands Chairman Yat Siu, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, and Hypbeast’s Kevin Ma. 

About Smiley 

Smiley has been spreading joy and optimism to generations since French journalist Franklin Loufrani created the trademarked brand in 1972. Originally a gesture to urge readers of the newspaper France-Soir to ‘Take the Time to Smile’, soon this ubiquitous symbol of happiness became the most recognized and important in graphic design.

In 1996 Nicolas Loufrani, son of Franklin, took over the helm, steering Smiley into the digital revolution. Creating a whole new way of communicating, he added a variety of facial expressions to the original Smiley – his emoticons are now used by everyone around the world every day. 

Continuing to influence modern culture, Smiley is one of the world’s top global licensing enterprises collaborating on high-profile activities spanning fashion, art, homeware, food, and beverage. Major partnerships include Loewe, Moschino, Raf Simons, Eastpak, and LA-based Market, who produce the Market Smiley Baseball – a cultural icon. 

Maintaining Smiley’s friendly mantra, Loufrani created Smiley Movement in 2017. The non-profit community works across multimedia platforms aiming to inspire positive change in society addressing urgent societal and environmental problems. 

To celebrate 50 years, Smiley commissioned graffiti artist André Saraiva to reimagine the famous logo; created The Collector’s Edition with 50 streetwear designers; and brought back the original message ‘Take the Time to Smile’ – because what’s more inspiring and universal than a smile?


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