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Enthralling Discussion With the Iconic – Austin Mahone, MTV Video Music Award Winning Superstar

The serial award-winning superstar, Austin Mahone is such a prolific “go-getter”! Once he puts his mind to something, it’s as good as done. The vastly talented musician is blessed with profound tenacity and determination. From as early as the age of 13, Austin had already started to diligently work on his pro career as a music artist. His journey towards superstardom required numerous sacrifices and tough decisions which he was more than willing to make. Needless to say, it all paid off! Those sacrifices and tough decisions later culminated in him becoming one of the biggest musicians of this generation. Austin has released megahits such as Mmm Yeah ft Pitbull, What About Love and Send It ft Rich Homie Quan. Now, that same hitmaker and “go-getter” is back at it again with his new album – “A Lone Star Story“. The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with Austin Mahone (AM). Below are some excerpts from the interview.  

GRAMMY Award-Winning Artist – “Austin Mahone”

CM: Austin, you’re barely 27 years old and yet you have carved out quite the legacy for yourself. How did it all start for you? 

AM: It started on YouTube for me. Living in San Antonio, Texas there wasn’t much for me to do as a kid, so I decided to put myself out there and show the world I love to sing. Which helped me get the ball rolling when I was just 13. 

CM: Prior to garnering all this global attention you now have, life must have been so much simpler. I’d like to know just how different life is as a superstar in comparison to your life before the fame and accolades? 

AM: it was definitely a lot slower! Especially being from that city, which is why I moved to Miami when I was 15 to help further push my career. I believe in my whole being that I was made to do what I do. Sing, dance, act, just be an all around entertainer. Even though I’m painfully shy! I still come out of my shell when I need to. Which is why I think I wanted to go back to my Texas roots a little bit with my new album that just came out. As I grow older I’m starting to appreciate the simplicity and nature of God 

CM: Speaking of “accolades”,  what has been your favorite accomplishment thus far in your illustrious career and why? 

AM: I think my favorite accomplishment is that I’m still here. It’s been a wild ride with a TON of ups and downs and I feel like most people would’ve hung up the jersey by now, but I’m still going! I’m proud of myself every step of the way!

CM: Still on the subject of “accolades”. Could you highlight some of the aspirations you still have both as an artist and in general? 

AM: As a musical artist having a #1 album and winning a Grammy I feel like is almost the pinnacle of success when it comes to being in the music industry. Worldwide arena tours and such. And I know it’s very hard to reach that level, but it’s not impossible and I can taste it. I’m just going to continue doing what I love because it’s who I am. I also love acting so more movies would be fun! 

CM: Quite recently I was excited to learn about your partnership with “Quivr”. What inspired you to collaborate with them? 

AM: What inspired me to collaborate with Quivr is that I believe it is the future of social media! Every other app is either super watered down, over saturated, or just not that authentic to me anymore. With Quivr I get to know exactly what makes you, YOU! Right away, it’s a unique app that helps me get to know people for who they truly are, their interests is their choice. With a colorful palette this new platform feels FRESH, NEW, and EXCITING!! I feel energized to work with them. It’s a blessing. The best part is that through Quivr I am able to give my true fans extraordinary access and never-before seen content. 

CM: You are clearly a very perceptive and wise person. Perhaps you could give us some of your insight regarding where you think the music industry will be in 10-20 years from now. 

AM: I think 10-20 years from now, the industry will definitely be different even from how it is today, surprisingly. With AI being so big right now the possibilities are endless. Anyone can make a song whenever they want straight from their fingertips; maybe we’ll even be able to create from the mind with “neuralink” so that anyone will be able to do anything, no excuses. At this moment, we just have to figure out how artists, producers, and writers can actually get paid well for their hard work with streaming involved now. I still feel artists are being robbed. The numbers  aren’t adding up. Writers, producers, artists, are getting minuscule fractions compared to how it was before streaming – it makes no sense.

CM: I usually like to cap off an interview by giving the guest an opportunity to highlight projects they have in the works. If you may, kindly let us know what we can expect from you for the remainder of 2023?

AM: My NEW ALBUM “A Lone Star Story” is OUT NOW!!! I started it 3 years ago in Nashville, Tennessee at the beginning of the pandemic and now that it has finally been released I feel incredible! Like a weight has been lifted. I’m extremely proud of this consistent body of work and believe it can go #1. I will be putting a tour together now so I can share this music with the rest of the world! 

Quivr Partner & Global Music Superstar – “Austin Mahone”


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