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Published on August 4th, 2023 | by MuzikScribe


Ez Mil shares “Realest” featuring Eminem + signs to Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records










“Fiery, Eminem-esque flow..dripping with audacity and braggadocio…” — NME


“On his song “Panalo” (Win), he encourages everyone to be proud of who they are, no matter where they are from and where they currently are. On this Wish Bus jaw-dropping performance, Ez Mil raps in 3 different languages English, Tagalog (Filipino) & Ilocano.” — AllHipHop


Today, Philippines-born, Las Vegas-based multi-faceted musician, Ez Mil, who both raps and sings, shares an all-new, hard-hitting track “Realest” featuring Eminem, out everywhere now. DU4LI7Y: REDUX, the forthcoming deluxe album by Ez Mil is due out August 11 and is available for pre-order now. The latest track and forthcoming deluxe album arrive on the heels of his recent signing to Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records. Mil joins the likes of 50 Cent as only a few of the artists signed directly to all three labels.

Powered by lithe, expressive vocals, dexterous raps and songwriting know-how, Ez Mil’s latest level up is the product of talent, hard work and a keen knowledge of his own audience — in this case, that crowd happened to include Slim Shady himself. In February, Ez Mil released the video for his DU4LI7Y single “Up Down” on Virgin Music. Noting the similarities in their percussive flows, Eminem’s fans quickly picked up on the new release. About a month later, Eminem heard the song, and Ez Mil drove from Vegas to Los Angeles where he met Dre and Eminem for the first time, leading Eminem to share the track online with the words, “This is why we signed him.” Ez and Eminem then stayed in contact and recorded their collaboration, “Realest,” a certified showcase of rap acrobatics.

Artwork credit: Mike Saputo

On “Realest,” out today, the two bludgeon a pulsing beat with a barrage of multisyllabic rhyme schemes and the sorts of quippy wordplay that propelled Eminem to stardom. Now, having signed Ez Mil to his label, along with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope, Eminem is in position to help push Ez to the same heights. Some of that work involved curating DU4LI7Y: REDUX, which will be Ez Mil’s final release on Virgin Music.

On Eminem’s enormous impact on Ez Mil’s own life and career, Ez shares, “Eminem’s been an inspiration to me growing up, this song means a lot to me because my biggest dream was to watch Eminem perform live–and for me to have a track with him is beyond crazy and I’m always going to be grateful.

Opening up about the moment he showed the two rap legends the track, Ez says he had the beat made days prior and explains, “When I let Em and Dre hear it for the first time, Dre said, ‘Oh yeah Marshall gon’ eat that up,’ and Em shouted from the back of the studio, ‘Yup! Give it to me,’ and the rest is history.

As a Shady/Aftermath/Interscope artist, Ez Mil joins some of music’s most legendary forces. Eminem used endlessly personal songwriting and caustic wit to become one of the most defining artists in American pop culture. Before him, Dr. Dre pioneered the sound of West Coast hip-hop twice, first as a member of the seminal group N.W.A., and a few years later by infusing street music with soulful melodies to soundtrack a new generation of low-riding cool. Together, Eminem and Dr. Dre have made timeless music. They co-signed 50 Cent in 2002, whose music broke Billboard records while crystallizing him as a rap immortal. Building off the work of Virgin, Ez is poised to let his singing-rapping talent help him follow in those footsteps.

On the momentous signing, Eminem says, “We’ve never been out there signing a lot of artists, and one of the great things about how we built Shady is how selective we’ve been.” After hearing Ez Mil, Eminem knew immediately he had to bring him in–and made an unusual, huge move. “And it’s even rarer that Dre and I sign something together – but I heard Ez’s music and was like, ‘this is really special” so I took it to Dre. We both agreed it would be a great fit and we wanted to work with him right on the spot.” On July 26, Eminem shared the news to his Instagram, and today, the post has over 2M likes making it the rapper’s eighth most liked Instagram post of all-time.

Recognizing Ez Mil’s unparalleled talent, Dr. Dre added, “I’m really only interested in working on shit that sounds different from anything else going on out there, and only then if I feel I can really bring something to it. Em played me Ez and I had that feeling…that thing that happens when we both know we’ve found something special. And that was it….let’s get to work.

Staying authentic always, Ez Mil’s Filipino roots are ever-present in all facets of his life–in his music and beyond. On August 2, the musician was able to put this pride on display by being given the honor of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Filipino Heritage Night. The team shared Ez’s appearance on the mound to their 3.1M followers here.

The forthcoming deluxe LP, DU4LI7Y: REDUX, expands on the original work to begin a new chapter–only this time–supported and approved by two of the rising rapper’s longtime idols. Ez Mil emphasizes the importance of his own vulnerability and its role in creating the best, most authentic music he can make. Mil says ultimately, his creative process includes, “just putting my thoughts out there and wearing my heart on my sleeve. It’s my journal. My music is my story.

DU4LI7Y: REDUX will feature four new tracks including “Podium,” “Coin$,” “The Long Run,” and today’s release, “Realest” featuring Eminem, alongside four tracks from last year’s standard version of DU4LI7Y. There are also three fan favorite tracks from Ez Mil’s prior catalog to complete this unforgettable chapter, including “Into It All”, “1st & Last” and “Easy-Going Millions.” The eleven song tracklist was curated by Eminem.

Ez Mil’s second studio album DU4LI7Y (Duality), produced and engineered by Mil himself, arrived in July 2022 and strikingly showcases the musician’s versatility as he bounces between languages, changes flows and effortlessly floats over beats. Filled with everything from repentance, to love, to heartbreak to hometown pride, Ez Mil paints an intricate portrait of his life in the Philippines that highlights Ez Mil’s unparalleled genre fluidity and reveals a more mature, refined musician.

Ez Mil has appeared on the famed Apple Music radio show, the Charlie Sloth Rap Show, which has featured everyone from Drake to Stormzy to Migos. The impressive Fire in the Booth episode and here on YouTube, gives listeners a new opportunity to witness Ez Mil’s effortless ability to perform on the spot and brilliantly weave in and out of Tagalog and English. In 2021, Ez Mil made a major splash with his hit song, “Panalo,” performing it on Wish Bus USA, a video that has since garnered 79 million views. Ez Mil then released a special version of the video, celebrating boxing icon and Filipino Senator Manny Pacquiao. Ez Mil then appeared on LA’s Power 106 last year, where he performed an emotionally-charged freestyle nodding to Nipsey Hussle and YG. Notably, he boasts 1.1 million likes on Facebook, over 832,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 403,500 followers on TikTok.

“Realest,” the mesmerizing new track featuring Eminem is out everywhere now ahead of the deluxe album DU4LI7Y: REDUX due out August 11 and available for pre-order now. Keep up with Ez Mil on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube and stay tuned for more from the rising musician as he begins a new chapter with Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records.

Artwork credit: Ez Mil

DU4LI7Y: REDUX Tracklisting (LP)

01. Podium

02. Coin$

03. The Long Run

04. Realest (ft. Eminem)

05. 27 Bodies

06. Dalawampu’t Dalawang Oo (2200)

07. Re-Up

08. Up Down (Step & Walk)

09. Into It All

10. 1st & Last

11. Easy-Going Millions

Photo credit: Jayar Tolentino

Ez Mil Bio

Ezekiel Miller, professionally known as “Ez Mil” was born in Philippines on July 27, 1998 and raised in Olongapo City. He is a Filipino-American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dancer and a record producer (FFP Records). He has a wide range of musical styles including pop, soul, R&B, hip hop, rock and many more. He also plays a variety of instruments such as guitar/electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards/piano. Ez Mil has a massive love not just for music but for his family and friends. Humble and giving as he is, he has an ear to listen to mostly everything from a friend and family to music. According to some American and European YouTube vloggers and reactors, Ez is one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the time. His style has been so unique that his vloggers/reactors dubbed him as the next big thing, with his style of Hip-Hop stemming from by several influences from other genres like R&B, pop and new music. His lyrics are mainly developed from themes of struggles, love, regret, life, desire and raw emotion.


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