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Published on August 10th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Penuma: Revolutionizing Men’s Sexual Health

Dr. James J. Elist reshaped the world of men’s sexual health in 2004 when he invented Penuma — the world’s first FDA-cleared penile enlargement implant. Over the past 20 years, thousands of men have received the Penuma implant, experiencing greater satisfaction in their sexual health and beyond.

According to Dr. Elist, he created PenumaⓇ with the goal of helping men boost their confidence in the bedroom and in life. His goal is for every man to have the self-assurance they need to enjoy each day to the fullest and build satisfying relationships, and he believes Penuma helps men achieve that in a healthy way.

Building on the success of the original Penuma implant, Dr. Elist has released a new version known as the Himplant. “We are proud to introduce the Himplant, our latest innovation in penile implant augmentation,” he shared in a recent article with Film Daily. “This new implant builds on the features of the original Penuma implant by adding several exciting enhancements.”

A safe way to boost sexual health

Penuma was designed to provide a permanent, safe, and natural implant. It uses soft, medical-grade silicone — the same type used in chin and buttock implants — to provide a feel similar to a natural penis. Unlike some other penile enlargement methods, Penuma does not contain liquids or gels that can break down over time.

“Our original procedure is groundbreaking in its field,” Dr. Elist told Film Daily. “It improves the appearance of a man’s penis while maintaining a natural feel and posing no interference with erections. In addition, if patients wish, they can remove the implant at any time. This new procedure is just as revolutionary, but offers so much more.”

The Himplant improves upon the design with new features that enhance a patient’s comfort and improve the overall implant experience, one of which is the addition of surgical sheeting embedded within the implant. Adding this innovation allows for a streamlined implant procedure and an easier post-operative recovery process.

The Himplant also features a more reinforced design that supports simpler suture placement techniques, allowing the implant to be positioned and fitted in a more natural way, resulting in an outcome that is more aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective. Together, the new features allow for a more efficient implant procedure.

“Our preliminary patient feedback on the Himplant procedure has been encouraging,” Dr. Elist told Film Daily this past June. “Our patients tell us they notice improvements in aesthetic outcomes and have found the recovery process smoother than they expected.”

Providing confidence that drives satisfaction

Dr. Elist points out that, while Penuma does not address physiological issues that affect sexual performance, his clients have claimed that it does provide them with enhanced self-confidence by empowering them to feel better about their bodies. Essentially, it drives better sexual satisfaction by boosting self-esteem.

“To be clear, the Himplant is not intended to treat erectile dysfunction,” Dr. Elist reported to Film Daily. “However, when our patients foster a positive body image, we often see them enjoying other benefits as well. Rather than focusing on solutions for sexual dysfunction, we primarily focus on self-confidence and physical aesthetics.”

Confidence is a key factor in healthy relationships that spills over into the area of sexuality. While there are many things that can contribute to that confidence, feeling comfortable with your body image definitely plays a big role.

According to Dr. Elist, men who feel good about the way they look and the impression that their appearance has on their partner have an easier time relaxing during sex and enjoying the experience. When men are confident, they have an easier time communicating their needs to their partners, resulting in a more satisfying sexual experience for both. He also explains how, men feeling comfortable with their bodies also reduces anxiety and negativity, which drives better sexual function and results in greater pleasure.

“In my time as a urologist, I learned that insecurity over penile size is a serious and widespread issue that affects millions,” Dr. Elist said in a recent press release. “Ever since, my goal has been to help men from all walks of life boost their confidence.”

Determining if Himplant is for you

Concerns over body image are clearly a factor for those who seek Dr. Elist’s aid. His experience has shown him that summer — a time when many people’s thoughts turn to body image — often brings a higher-than-average number of new patients to his offices. However, he recommends that men carefully weigh the decision to undergo implant surgery, considering what motivates them and fully understanding the ramifications.

“There’s no doubt that summer tends to be a time when people want to get out, enjoy the outdoors, and feel confident about their bodies while doing it,” Dr. Elist explained to Film Daily. “While we expect to see a seasonal trend and a higher number of procedures over the coming months, the decision to undergo this procedure is deeply personal. We want our patients to be driven by a well thought out and long-lasting desire for improved self-image, not external factors such as the change in seasons.”

Dr. Elist screens patients seeking a Himplant procedure with a thorough physical and psychological assessment. Those who are found to be good candidates undergo a procedure that typically lasts under an hour and involves a few weeks of recovery prior to returning to an active lifestyle.

“Anyone considering the Himplant should first consult with a qualified Himplant provider,” Dr. Elist told Film Daily. “It is important to obtain accurate and detailed information concerning the procedure’s potential risks and benefits. We want all of our patients to make informed decisions that align with their personal needs and health objectives. Our latest procedure is a science-backed solution offered by world-renowned surgeons. If you look into the details and decide penile enhancement is right for you, we are thrilled to empower you with new confidence through a more efficient and comfortable procedure.”


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