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Published on August 25th, 2023 | by Kalisha Perera


Yalee is Keeping God Close: Real and Unashamed

Yalee presents a fresh perspective with his new single ‘God Stay With Me’, as part 1 of his 4 song EP ‘My Outside Is Different’. 

In the glamorized culture of new artist and their hits– sometimes we forget about their roots or even our own roots on how we got to where we are. We forget the importance of our origin stories– where we came from, the people who grew up with us, and our racial backgrounds. In comes Yalee, a fresh young artist who unapologetically tells his story with all the struggles he’s overcome and, even more importantly, the efforts he continues to face.

In his new single, moving from place to place and taking his shot, Yalee praises God. His song states that you gotta take God with you everywhere– no matter what path you take. Often, any path you take, “the devil tries to come and take it away from you,” now what is trying to be taken away is up to interpretation and where you are in life. The reality is that at some point, we will make bad choices or be called back to old habits. Yalee reminds us to keep faith and that it is human nature to call to different choices: good or bad.

Yalee‘s new single ‘God Stay With Me’ displays the duality of faith– even the controversy of faith. Yalee has been challenged by the streets and by the choices he’s made. Yalee grew up in Ohio and then moved from place to place while trying to make something of himself. Yalee puts it all on the table when asked about how he got to where he is–“I lived out of my car for six months, then I lived in a room with no windows in Newark, New Jersey, then I moved back to living in my car then I started living in a trap house.” Now society would say a “trap house– nah man,” but hey, Yalee recorded a hit single, “Pretty Girl Dance,” with over 2 million streams on Spotify. 

Yalee is giving voice to a different generation and groups of listeners. He keeps God close to his heart through the good and the bad. Yalee is keeping it real.  To stay up to date with Yalee follow him on his instagram @yalee and stream his new single out now!

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