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Published on December 6th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session: A Conversation with Daniel Augustin

Multi-hyphenate Daniel Augustin dropped in for this Live Session conversation, to discuss his involvement in the Issa Rae series, Rap Sh!t Season Two as the recurring character Maurice, his diverse projects, and his love for literature, touching on the challenges of mastering new words in his acting pursuits, and when we got down to it…I knew right away, it would be more of a fly conversation rather than a stuffy interview. One of the fun moments was discussing working with his entertainer wife as a consultant and what the “writing room” encounters are like when they’re collaborating…classic!

Conversation Overview

Daniel Augustin’s Journey in TV and Film Making

Daniel shared his incredible journey in the world of TV and film, starting from his early days as a PA and learning from seasoned professionals like Hillary Duff. We explored his diverse creative interests spanning music, TV, film, and podcasts, with an emphasis on his well-received project, Kinfolk: The Series available via the Tough Love Series – YouTube Channel. Daniel held down the producer, director, and cinematography duties for the series and only made a background appearance throughout. His outlook on why he refrained from taking a featured role is simply, from my outside-looking perspective is…quite noble, honorable, AND great business.

Creativity and Intimacy in Relationships

Our conversation delved into the incorporation of creativity and playfulness within intimate relationships, especially in portraying intimacy on-screen and establishing a harmonious rhythm with one’s partner, akin to crafting a movie narrative. Daniel has over time, addressed this question from the media and supporters over the year and recently released a song with an accompanying movie-like music video entitled “Movie” to address the topic.

Work Ethic and Technology in the Entertainment Industry

We highlighted the pivotal role of work ethic in the entertainment industry, particularly emphasizing the transformative impact of technology, especially in the pandemic era where self-tapes became the norm, allowing Daniel to balance work with quality time at home.

Creative Collaboration and Inspiration

Daniel and I commended each other’s work ethic and discussed expressing uniqueness in the industry. We shared experiences using AI tools and debated the enduring impact of films and TV compared to songs.

Coach O and the Impact of Strikes

Daniel recounted his experiences working with Coach O and the profound impact of strikes on the music industry. He stressed adaptability and the importance of business ownership in such uncertain times.

Embracing AI as a Tool for Creativity and Workflow

Both of us shared insights on using AI assistants for various tasks and agreed on the necessity of adapting to technological changes to remain competitive in the entertainment business.

Daniel Augustin - Photo Credit Ben Cope

Daniel Augustin – Photo Credit Ben Cope

Importance of Alternative Inspirations and Research

Daniel emphasized the role of books and encounters in shaping his career, underscoring the significance of research and advocating for self-expression in the industry.

Challenges of Collaborating with a Spouse

In navigating the challenges of collaborating with his wife, a writer, Daniel stressed the importance of communication, collaboration, and grace, highlighting the dynamics of a professional and personal relationship.

The Wrap-Up

For this Live Session, I got to move past the standard journalist space, and just enjoy a dialogue with Daniel Augustin that spotlighted creativity, communication, perseverance, and the embrace of change in the entertainment realm. He’s a very busy guy with a LOT going on…Tune in to the full conversation below and let us know your thoughts or questions!

I enjoyed this conversation and look forward to another segment here at The Hype Magazine…this young lion is a dynamo in no uncertain terms…

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