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Published on February 22nd, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Alex Akimov: Making Influencer Marketing Accessible to All

Musician and manager turned music business founder, digital advertising, and music artist branding expert, Alex Akimov, wants to help you become more successful. The music industry is notoriously difficult for emerging artists to navigate, with barriers to entry that can seem impossible. Recognizing this, Akimov set out to democratize music promotion, leveraging social media promotion and music data analytics to create a level playing field by incorporating influencer marketing into the mix.

The philosophy driving Akimov’s ventures is one of inclusivity and efficiency., his groundbreaking platform, offers a unique ecosystem where music artists can connect with content creators worldwide regardless of their stature. has rapidly attracted over a million creators, offering this novel approach to music influencer marketing. The platform, likened to the “DoorDash of music promotion,” addresses critical challenges in the influencer market, such as lengthy negotiations and limited global reach. It offers a streamlined, AI-enhanced solution that allows for rapid campaign launches and real-time analytics on expenditure and performance.

Its AI-driven approach to influencer marketing is what truly sets apart in the crowded space of global music marketing. This AI technology evaluates each creator’s influence, determining their compensation for campaign participation. This model incentivizes creators and ensures artists and brands maximize their investment in digital advertising. This system has made an invaluable tool for music industry marketing agencies, facilitating artist-influencer collaborations and promoting emerging music markets. Furthermore, the platform has significantly impacted the music industry, transforming how artists collaborate with creators on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

Akimov’s leadership extends beyond Through his digital marketing agency, Simple Social, he works behind the scenes with some of the biggest labels and artists in the industry, offering tailored strategies that leverage music data analytics and AI-driven music marketing. His innovative marketing strategies, especially his focus on “trigger markets,” showcase an ability to identify and capitalize on untapped opportunities. This offers a fresh perspective on global music marketing.

However, what truly distinguishes Akimov’s contribution to the music industry is his vision for the future of music promotion. Recognizing the shift towards more integrated and data-driven marketing strategies, he is at the forefront of developing platforms and services that meet the music industry’s current needs and anticipate future trends. He sees potential in AI-driven music marketing to streamline processes and create more authentic and effective collaborations between artists and content creators.

Akimov’s philosophy that “if you do a good job, people will find you” underscores a commitment to excellence and innovation that has garnered industry recognition and the trust of artists and creators worldwide. It’s validated by the fact that industry heavyweights, including Mike Caren, CEO & Founder of APG, support Akimov.

With a background that spans from being a touring guitarist to a luminary in music management and digital marketing, Akimov’s journey is a compelling narrative of passion pivoted towards empowering artists. His philosophy emphasizes quality and accessibility, along with his innovative use of music promotion technology and creative collaboration, making influencer marketing accessible to artists of all statures. As a result, Akimov is not just leading the way in music industry marketing. He sets new standards for how artists and creators collaborate, grow, and succeed in the digital age.




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