Features Paul Hernandez, founder of Refined Republic on music video set for single "Little Bit"

Published on February 22nd, 2023 | by Tallie Spencer


Paul Hernandez: Empowering Through Music and Social Impact

A rising force in the music industry, Paul Hernandez is renowned for his distinctive fusion of pop and trap music as well as his motivational lyrics. Hernandez has utilized his music as a potent instrument to empower marginalized areas and encourage young individuals to lead fulfilling lives in an effort to promote positive change in society.

Imagine Dragons, Eminem, and Justin Bieber are among the artists who have influenced Hernandez’s pop and trap fusion songs. He creates a distinctive sound that sets him apart from other musicians by fusing the unfiltered energy of hip-hop with the melodic sensitivities of pop music. Hernandez writes music because he wants to see the world changed for the better. His music is a call to abandon drug use, unhealthy friendships, and violence in favour of peace, love, and faith. Hernandez thinks that music can be a strong force for good, and he wants his music to encourage others to change the world for the better.

Deeper Things,” Paul Hernandez’s debut album, was released in 2020 to acclaim from both critics and fans. “Little Bit,” the album’s lead track, delivers a potent message of hope and fortitude in the face of difficulty. Hernandez discussed the song’s creative inspiration.  He adds, “When I wrote “Little Bit,” I wanted to inspire people to keep going in spite of their challenging circumstances. I want the song, which is about finding hope and fortitude in the midst of hardship, to encourage people to carry on no matter what they’re going through.” The album helped make Hernandez a well-known musician in the pop-trap industry and was well received in North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Hernandez has toured numerous times across North America to spread his message of optimism and hope to audiences. He has also given many performances all around Canada, and iHeart Radio just named him one of their “Artists to Watch” for 2021. Throughout his career, Paul Hernandez has engaged in a number of noteworthy performances and collaborations. He was discussed on the well-known American morning radio programme, The Breakfast Club, due to his emotionally charged single ‘I Care.‘ His performance was also featured on iHeart Radio, a well-known digital radio station. Hernandez has performed as the opening act for S.O The Kid and Sho Baraka, two well-known names in the Christian hip-hop community. Hernandez appeared on the collaboration album “KING KULTR” as well. Lecrae and Derek Minor were among the renowned performers on the record, which was made to raise money towards the construction of schools in the Congo. All of the album’s sales was donated to the building of schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Also, a number of well-known Spotify editorial playlists, such as New Music Friday, Pop All Day, Radar Canada, and It’s a BOP, have included Hernandez’s work garnering him well over 1 million streams across Spotify and counting. This has aided in extending Hernandez’s influence and introducing him to new global audiences.

Paul Hernandez’s music is well-known for encouraging underrepresented communities and inspiring listeners to live full lives. He believes that music can be an effective catalyst for change and wishes to utilize it to inspire others to live meaningful lives. Hernandez has expanded his presence in the music and entertainment industries through his agency Refined Republic, a platform dedicated to assisting creatives, artists, and public figures in gaining exposure and establishing the credibility required to increase their following. Paul Hernandez’s goal with this platform is to provide a venue for artists to express themselves and to help push their abilities to the forefront of the industry. Hernandez expresses it as follows: “I want to use music to better the world. I want to inspire young people to live responsibly and to have faith in God and in themselves. I wish to build a sense of community and international brotherhood through my music and platform.” Hernandez’s distinctive combination of pop and trap music, as well as his encouraging lyrics, have propelled him to popularity in the music world. His platform is a plea to reject evil and embrace faith, hope, and love, and he continues to be an inspiration to young adults all around the world.

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