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Published on February 22nd, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Debbie DeBerry – Pioneering Women’s Empowerment in Real Estate Education

The Revolution in Women’s Real Estate Education

Debbie DeBerry has become a pivotal figure in real estate education for women. With an extensive background as a licensed Real Estate Broker since 2003, DeBerry has dedicated herself to empowering women in a field that has long been male-dominated. Recognizing women’s unique challenges in real estate investing, she launched the House Flipping Coaching Program, specifically tailored for women, aiming to equip them with the necessary knowledge, tools, and confidence to succeed. 

She aims to leave people and places better than she found them, underlying everything she does in her program. “I want more people doing it the ‘right’ way by putting people before profit… We get to help neighborhoods by taking the abandoned house with overgrown weeds and making it something that increases the neighbor’s property values and equity,” says DeBerry. 

DeBerry’s Unique Angle to Real Estate Coaching

DeBerry’s coaching program stands out because it’s built on care and a commitment to making a difference in the community. After facing personal losses, she was inspired to create a program specifically for women, focusing on long-term support beyond what’s usually offered. Her method combines real-world advice with encouragement to help women successfully run their house flipping businesses. 

DeBerry’s approach combines practical skills development with motivational coaching, providing a comprehensive learning experience in house flipping. Her programs cover critical aspects such as deal analysis, renovations, and project management, ensuring participants apply their knowledge in real scenarios. Beyond imparting technical skills, Debbie motivates students to overcome personal barriers, fostering confidence and determination to succeed in the real estate market. This blend of hands-on learning and personal growth equips her students with the tools and mindset needed for success.

Empowering Investors: The Impact of ‘Flip Houses Like a Girl’ Podcast

The “Flip Houses Like a Girl” podcast, hosted by DeBerry, has significantly impacted the real estate investing terrain, particularly for women. The podcast’s influence is undeniable, with a wide audience spanning various regions, indicating its national, if not global, appeal. Thanks to its relatable content and actionable advice, the podcast has become a trusted resource for aspiring and experienced real estate investors alike.

The podcast covers various topics critical to successful house flipping, including market analysis, financing strategies, property renovation tips, and how to navigate the buying and selling process. Episodes feature interviews and case studies of members of DeBerry’s FlipSisters House Flipping Coaching Program & Community. These episodes are of everyday women out there doing the thing and chasing their house flipping dreams, scared and all. It is the most inspiring podcast in the world of real estate investing because it isn’t just another guru with the usual guest “experts.” It’s real women, starting and growing a house flipping business. 

One notable aspect of the podcast is its focus on overcoming obstacles and challenges specific to women in real estate. Episodes addressing issues such as balancing business and family life, dealing with gender bias in the industry, and building confidence in a male-dominated field have resonated deeply with listeners. Many have shared stories of how the podcast inspired them to leap into real estate investing, secure their first property deals, or expand their investment portfolios with newfound confidence and knowledge.

The “Flip Houses Like a Girl” podcast has educated its audience and created a community of motivated and empowered women who support and uplift each other in their real estate endeavors. Through its informative content, personal success stories, and examples of overcoming challenges and hardships, the podcast continues to be a catalyst for change, encouraging more women to chase their own dream of real estate investing.

Looking Ahead: Future Goals and Expansion Plans for DeBerry’s Initiatives

To realize these ambitious visions, DeBerry is adopting a holistic strategy that encompasses the development of new educational materials attuned to the latest trends in real estate and participant feedback. This ensures that the curriculum remains current and directly applicable to the real-world challenges of today’s market. Furthermore, in-depth research into burgeoning real estate markets and identifying new demographic targets will support the initiative’s geographic expansion, broadening access to the program for a more diverse group of aspiring real estate professionals. 

Additionally, by fostering partnerships with industry experts in various fields, DeBerry aims to enrich her program with sector-specific coaching. This will give learners a well-rounded understanding of unique real estate segments, from sustainable building practices to urban regeneration projects, preparing them for success in a rapidly changing industry.

The importance of these expansions and collaborations cannot be overstated. They keep DeBerry’s program at the forefront of real estate education, equipping students with up-to-date knowledge and skills. Moreover, by addressing women’s diverse needs and interests in real estate, these initiatives work towards making the field more accessible and appealing. Partnerships with industry leaders and organizations will enrich the learning experience, offering unique growth opportunities. Through these efforts, DeBerry continues to advance her mission of empowering women in real estate.

Looking Forward

DeBerry’s work has fundamentally shifted the terrain of real estate education for women, marking a significant stride toward gender inclusivity and empowerment within the industry. Her programs have equipped thousands of women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to thrive in real estate investing, a domain historically dominated by men. The tangible benefits of her contributions are evident in the success stories of her students, who have not only achieved financial independence through real estate but have also become influential figures and mentors within their communities.

DeBerry’s innovative approach, combining practical skills development with motivational coaching, has fostered a supportive environment where women can learn, grow, and succeed. The “Flip Houses Like a Girl” podcast and the FlipSisters community further exemplify her commitment to creating a platform for shared learning and encouragement.

By breaking down barriers and challenging the status quo, Debbie DeBerry has changed the industry for women today and paved the way for future generations of female real estate investors. Her lasting impact transcends individual success stories, contributing to a more equitable and diverse real estate industry and community.


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