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Published on February 4th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


XP ROVXE: Is Stardom in the Cards with K-HipHop?

XP ROVXE is a newcomer to the Hip Hop scene, and with his colorful, quality music videos and use of different genres of music, he created a new genre of music called K-HipHop, he is being touted as the next DPR IAN. With the release of his “7877 Days” on January 25th, we take a deeper dive into his musical journey and vision, as well as XP ROVXE’s unique positioning of K-HipHop in the Hip Hop scene.

XP weighed in on a few things

Please tell us a little bit about yourself first, especially about your first encounter with the Hip Hop genre.

My first encounter with the Hip Hop genre was in middle school when I heard a rapper named ‘Dok2,’ and after that, I listened to Jay Z and YE(KANYE WEST), which made me love Hip Hop even more.

Your music is so visually and musically rich and colorful that some people consider you the next big thing after DPR IAN, how do you feel about that comparison?

I think it’s a title I don’t deserve yet, but I have so much confidence that I will be an artist to rival them in a few years. I appreciate these comparisons because they are artists that I love and am inspired by.

Following up on the previous question, do you draw any musical inspiration from DPR IAN? Or is there a particular artist or genre that inspires you?

Yes, I get a lot of musical and visual inspiration from DPR IAN, and not only from him, but also from DPR LIVE, YE, and G-DRAGON.

What is the most important factor in building XP ROVXE’s unique musical style?

I think it’s ‘Don’t make it obvious.’ I want people to feel shocked and fresh when they hear my music for the first time like ‘This is how it’s supposed to go?’

What do you think are the biggest challenges and opportunities in finding your place in the current Hip Hop scene?

Constantly showing up with music and visuals. I think that’s the biggest challenge and opportunity for me.

Can you tell us about the song “7877 Days” and why you chose the unconventional genre of K-HipHop?

The song “7877 Days” is my first expression as XP ROVXE. I would describe it as Alternative K-Pop with a fresh mix of different genres. It’s a song that talks about my values and the story of how this song came to be. I chose this genre because, as I was making it, I realized that it was the most suitable way to express my feelings and story. 

Can you share a bit about your future musical direction and plans?

First of all, I’m going to keep putting out music this year, and in the process, I’m planning to release a lot of ‘rizz’ content with the XP members. I already have a lot of demos stacked up, and I have a clear direction for the album that I’m working on, so I want to polish it up and show it a lot this year.

What message or value do you hope to convey through XP ROVXE’s music?

‘Always believe in yourself and execute.’ That’s something I really want to pass on.

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