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Published on March 10th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


NEW | Relationship “Adventure” Series ‘The Never Ever Mets’ from OWN

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is all set to debut an exciting new relationship series that promises to take online dating to the next level. Titled The Never Ever Mets, this captivating 10-episode journey delves into the lives of seven couples who have formed deep connections online but have never met in person. Hosted by the talented Ta’Rhonda Jones, known for her roles in “Empire,” “The Real,” and “The Steve Harvey Show,” the series premieres on Friday, April 19 at 8 pm ET/PT, exclusively on Hulu.

Exploring Love in the Real World

In “The Never Ever Mets,” viewers will witness the unique dynamics of modern relationships as the couples come together under one roof for the first time. From navigating the complexities of co-parenting to grappling with insecurities and trust issues, each couple faces their own set of challenges as they strive to turn their virtual connections into lasting love.

In the premiere episode, “Offline and Off the Rails,” Josh and Shay are eager to connect after 12 long years of texting, FaceTiming, and everything in between. When the two finally meet, there is nothing that can hold them back. After speaking online for a month, Sandia thinks she may have found her Haitian Prince Charming, Chris. But when Chris starts sharing his views on women and faithfulness, Sandia worries about their future together. After five years, Dymond and Aaron H. finally share a romantic meal in person. But Dymond has many, many, questions for him…including his proposal to another woman after they decided to be exclusive. – OWN

OWN: The never ever mets - key art

Meet The Never Ever Mets Couples

From Shay and Josh, who have been virtually dating for 12 years but struggle with trust issues, to Sandia and Chris, who find themselves at odds due to differences in personality and values, each couple brings their own story and struggles to the table.

Shay (Florida) & Josh (Tennessee) – Dating 12 Years 

Josh and Shay first met on Facebook. Shay is the life of the party and Josh is a homebody. They have been dating for 12 years but have a complicated relationship. A few years ago their relationship hit a rough patch that they are still trying to recover from, especially given Shay’s trust issues. There’s a lot at stake for this couple. Both are ready to settle down, but trust and location are lingering issues. 

JoAnna (Illinois) & Aaron J. (Georgia) – Dating 9 Months 

JoAnna aka “Jody” and Aaron met on social media, connecting on their creative and artistic similarities. They describe their relationship as being in “the dating stage” but are both looking to define their bond better. Aaron is younger and has some insecurities, while Jody is a certified sexologist who lives a sexually open lifestyle. She has strict boundaries and concerns if physical chemistry will be present.  

Dymond (Florida) & Aaron H. (California) – Dating 5 Years 

Aaron and Dymond met on Facebook and the two hit it off with their mutual upbringings and great conversation. They both are in love with one another and hope to solidify their relationship with a proposal but have hit some rocky roads along the way. Dymond questions his faithfulness – especially after learning of his many female friends.  

Alexis (Texas) & Dominique (Illinois) – Dating 6 Months 

Alexis DM’d Dominique after he went viral on a podcast segment. Dominique considers himself a sensitive romantic with old school ways but is a serial playboy who loves to flirt. Alexis is a single mom and former military with a history of dating cheaters. Though shy, she is opinionated and has insecurities that raise concern for her and Dominique’s relationship. 

Sienna (New York) & Brandan (Florida) – Dating 10 Months 

Sienna and Brandan first met on Instagram after Sienna was drawn to Brandan’s travels around the world and DM’d him. Brandan was intrigued by her forward nature, and the two hit it off. Sienna is a straight-forward, independent girl from the Bronx and Brandan is a military kid who spent most of his childhood overseas. Sienna has hesitations dating a man with kids and Brandan is a social butterfly but admits he’s fearful of getting hurt in love again. 

Sandia (Florida) & Chris (Florida) – Dating 3 Months 

Sandia and Chris met on Instagram when he slid into her DMs.  She didn’t reply at first, but when Chris tried again, she responded. They have a lot in common – both are Haitian, speak Creole, are very family oriented and like to work out. But Sandia is much more conservative than Chris, who likes to flirt. Though Chris likes Sandia’s good-girl nature, personality differences and jealousy threaten to interfere with their budding romance. 

Millie (California) & Gregg (California) – Dating 3 Years 

Millie and Gregg met on social media, liking posts here and there and even matching a few times on dating apps. Surprisingly they live just 30 minutes from each other but have never met. Millie is high maintenance and wants an alpha male to make her feel secure so she can embrace her true feminine side. Gregg has been a player for a long time but is ready to leave it behind for Millie if she is indeed the one. Both admit they have love for each other but are skeptical if it can grow to be more than just friendship and attraction. – OWN

Hosted by Ta’Rhonda Jones

As the host of “The Never Ever Mets,” Ta’Rhonda Jones serves as a guiding voice for the couples, offering support, and insight, and facilitating meaningful conversations. With her wealth of experience in entertainment and her compassionate approach, Jones brings a unique perspective to the show, ensuring that each couple has the opportunity to explore their relationship in a safe and supportive environment.

Join the Conversation

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About OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is a leading destination for premium scripted and unscripted programming, guided by the heart and creative instincts of iconic leader Oprah Winfrey. Launched in 2011, OWN connects with its audience across various platforms, inspiring conversation and fostering a global community of like-minded viewers.

Don’t miss the premiere of “The Never Ever Mets,” a groundbreaking exploration of love, connection, and the power of human relationships, only on OWN.

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