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Published on April 17th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Honeymoon Madness: 4 Common Issues Stressing Honeymooners Out

Are you a fan of the Buckets and Buckets of Relationship shows where folks meet after incarceration or get married after a certain waiting period…this one caught my attention, folks pledge that if they haven’t married someone else in a certain period, they will come back together and tie the knot. The “reality-based” relationship shows are funny but sometimes, at least for television, the results are a love connection and the couple(s) move on to matrimony and hopefully a honeymoon. In all the excitement of depositing those honeymoon contributions to their financial situation of choice, sometimes the details and logistics get jacked up or worse, and the trip becomes a disaster like none other. I personally am not in this,  but just the comedy of it all made me want to dig into some of the top issues that occur to ruin a honeymoon. To be honest, cruisers and destination tourists may find this interesting and worth noting.

I teamed up with the DKcasinospot research team and prepared a list of the top mistakes that can negatively affect your honeymoon which birthed some helpful suggestions…I’ve coupled them below…pardon the pun.

4 Key Mistakes in Honeymoon Planning

Wedding planning is an emotional rollercoaster, combining joy, seriousness, excitement, and inevitable stress. Yet, considering the high expectations tied to honeymoons, this oversight can be quite peculiar.

1. Overambitious Travel Plans

A common mistake is planning a too-distant or activity-packed trip right after the wedding. Post-celebration exhaustion can make you crave quiet and relaxation. An immediate transition to a hectic itinerary, like a 10-hour flight followed by an adventurous safari or trekking, can lead to burnout. Many couples spend the initial days of their honeymoon recuperating, missing out on the very experiences they traveled far for. 

Advice: Opt for a serene beach resort or consider a break between the wedding and honeymoon.

2. Communication Issues

The honeymoon should be a simple and enjoyable compromise in marriage. Avoid surprises by discussing everything in advance. While surprises can be delightful, they may not always align with both partners’ preferences. Work as a team: one can suggest the travel destination while the other picks the hotel, activities, etc. 

Advice: If compromises are challenging, consult a travel agent to blend your preferences, potentially uncovering unexpected destinations.

3. Superficial Approach

Couples often pick an unfamiliar location for the novelty. However, ensure the destination meets all your needs. Luxury-seekers shouldn’t opt for remote, underdeveloped locations with limited hotel infrastructure. Conversely, active vacation lovers should verify that their destination won’t confine them to a boring, isolated beach. 

Advice: Openness in preferences increases the chance of planning the perfect trip, balancing each other’s desires for an ideal stay.

4. Unrealistic Expectations

It’s natural to have high hopes for a honeymoon, but maintaining a relaxed, drama-free attitude is essential. The peril of high expectations is the disappointment when reality deviates from the perfect envisioned trip, which can unnecessarily escalate to questioning the marriage itself. Incidental issues like rain or lost luggage don’t spell doom for the marriage. Staying calm and prepared, like packing essentials in carry-on luggage, ensures you can enjoy poolside cocktails while awaiting your baggage. 

Advice: The best approach in such scenarios is to maintain kindness and calm, both towards your partner and yourself.

Happy travels! Let us know about your honeymoon or travel disasters and tips in the comments!

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