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Published on May 29th, 2017 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session with Vydia Co-Founder and CEO Roy LaManna

Founded in 2013, video management platform Vydia (@vydiaofficial) is a growing platform which assists independent content creators in archiving, distributing and monetizing their video content. Something akin to BMI but instead of songwriters, original video content creators are the target audience of the platform. For independent creators of all types whose 1st tier of content is video, Vydia is the distribution deal and performance rights organization wrapped into one space to state it directly.

Key among the tenets in the Vydia culture is transparency for creators who entrust the platform with not only the content distribution aspect but the collection and disbursement of funds. Their new mobile app for Android and iOS, allows users to get real-time analytics how and when their content is used as well as their earnings right from their mobile device. It’s conceivable that their innovative concept could bleed over into other mediums like music but for now, the 50+ person team at Vydia is focused on perfecting and expanding the tools and resources available to their video based creators.

The Hype Magazine had an engaging and in-depth conversation with Vydia Co-Founder and CEO Roy LaManna. He laid bare the concept of the Vydia platform and how it is incrementally rolled out and tested for next level deployment(s). Vydia seems to be the tip of the spear for the next cycle of the digital revolution…or are we still in the evolution phase? I don’t know, but Roy and his fascinating and expanding team seem to have hit on something big for the industry ~ JD

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