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Neon Hitch: Freedom Movement

British singer-songwriter Neon Hitch’s astounding voice and magnetic presence are creating waves internationally in the music industry. Hitch’s uncanny vocal range, combined with an electric passion on the stage, has spread from her hometown in London — Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, to be exact — over to India and then back across the pond to America. The self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy Star’ just wrapped her 22-city #YardSaleTour, and is currently gearing up for the release of her eagerly awaited debut solo LP, “Eleutheromaniac.”

Tell me your whole inception into music — When did you first become interested in it? And, how did it actually all begin for Neon Hitch?

It happened by accident! Seriously, I never could sing a note before I was 16. My first dream was to be a world famous trapeze artist…Or porn star 😉 My ex-boyfriend heard me singing in the back of a car once, and he pushed me to make a demo. That first demo got me signed, and I’ve never stopped since!

Now where exactly do you hail from? So growing up there, who did/do you consider to be your strongest musical influences?

That’s always a funny question for me; so I got this tattoo of the bus that I grew up on, so when people ask where am I from I just show the tattoo on my arm *Giggles* My mum still lives in the bus, in Wales currently, but we spent my whole childhood traveling Europe from festival to festival. So naturally, a lot of folk and live music, but I’m also a pop fanatic so I blend the 2 worlds a.k.a. ‘Gypsy Pop!’

At what particular point in time did you even opt to pursue music on a professional level?

To be honest, there’s not much else (I) COULD do on a professional level, as I have no grades; just a Ph.D in life experience! I’ve always been a performer of some kind, so I could not even imagine what else I would do. I tried being a waitress once, but got fired on day one. Their quote, “This is a restaurant, not a catwalk, Miss Hitch, you are fired!” Aye!

That said, how do you classify your overall sound and/or style?

I feel like my style and sound are aligned. You look at me and can pretty much figure out what I sound like before I open my mouth. I’m influenced by different elements of the world I’ve lived in, so I have a world sound; not really one sound or genre in particular. ‘Gypsy Pop’ covers everything for me.

Let’s hop into this new single/video “Yard Sale” — Tell about this particular track? How did it even come about?

I was in the studio with my boys, Kinetics & One Love, and was just venting about my transition and we’re like, “Alright, out with the old in with the new! What’s the best way to get rid of the old sh*t? Have a Yard Sale!” So that we did.

“Yard Sale” comes courtesy of your forthcoming Eleutheromaniac LP — Conceptually, what does that title represent both to and for you?

The title means a creature that needs “Freedom,” which is me inside and out. I’ve tried many times to fit in, and never have I been happy or has it really worked for me. I’ve always been that weird chick with flowery leggings, who walks the wrong way instead of following the path. So, why change now?! I’m doing things my way and the most important thing to me is happiness, so whatever route that is…You will find me.

In a rather unorthodox business move/decision you’re releasing Eleutheromaniac on fan based label #WeRNeon — What exactly does that mean? Explain how this venture works?

Well, so many of the standard business models are not working so I’m doing something that works for ME! I can’t speak for everyone, but this is how I want to release my album. So much time can be lost waiting on the middle men, by which time I’ve made a new album. So no waiting for me anymore. I’ve started my own label, #WeRNeon, and it’s the first completely fan operated label. My fans are incredibly smart, creative and productive, so I’m handing the job to them. I trust my fans to present me in the right light. In fact, I think they sometimes know me better than I know myself.

…I’ve got together with Indiegogo and we are launching a campaign Tuesday to raise money for the fan label to pay the fans to do what a label would do, and I’m putting Eleutheromaniac up for pre-order, as well as some crazy perks; there is something for everyone!

Also, you have the WeRNeon Movement as well, how does one join? And, what does it take to be a member of this organization?

You can sign up on and submit ideas, assign yourself to a project, help with street team…Whatever you’re willing to do!

…But the theme is freedom, so there are not strict rules or regulations. It’s a movement of like minded people who inspire and believe in each other.

In addition, you’re about to embark on The Yard Sale Tour — Are you excited to be headlining your very own solo trek?

The Yard Sale Tour is my first ever headline tour! I’m very exited! It’s kickin’ off October 17th in Oakland. You can go to: and get your tickets. The circus is coming to town!!!! For real.

For someone who has yet to witness you performing “live,” what would you tell that person can be expected from a Neon Hitch show?

Well, now I have a full live band and we tend to jam out on the spot, so the set is never the same. The cool thing about this tour is the theme is “Yard Sale,” so at every show we’re holding a real yard sale so you can come sell your stuff and make money to pay for your ticket and buy some magical old pieces of mine — It’s an interactive tour.

In having said that, has there been any one specific state, city and/or town, that you actually favor? And if so, why are you choosing that particular one?

I’ve performed in nearly every city and I have a different experience in every different place. I do a lot of the gay prides as well; Chicago was one that really stood out.

To date, what has been your biggest career moment, thus far anyway?

Well, the most risqué is NOW! I’ve removed the safety net and am ready to jump…Watch this space.


By: Todd Davis


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