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Published on July 10th, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby

Tommy BoY’s Mixtape Friday: Episode 062 – Mixed by Rob Seurat

Rob SeuratWhat is the significance of your name and how did you get it?

My DJ alias took some time to come up with, but it all has to do with my focus transitioning out of Westchester and into Brooklyn. My first gig in Bushwick was at an underground art gallery off the Morgan Ave L train stop on Halloween. The gallery featured various paintings and photographs from local artists in the area. That night I curated an extended set of mostly unknown deep house cuts with the crowd loving every second of it; an impossible feat to accomplish anywhere in Westchester. I took on a liking to the art/music scene down in Bushwick and adopted the last name “Seurat” (pronounced “Sir-Rot”) to pay homage to my favorite post-impressionist painter and developer of the “pointillism” technique, Georges Seurat.

Describe your style.

My style focuses mainly on mash ups without going overboard on using effects. I only use delay, reverb, the beatmasher, and hi/low pass filters. This allows me to keep the focus on equalizing and creating optimal transitions.

What was the first record you starting mixing?

The first two tracks I ever mixed together were Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” and Die Antwoord’s “I Fink you Freaky”. I didn’t even have a mixer, but I recorded a full mashup of the two tracks on my macbook using only keyboard shortcuts with a program called “Dee-Jay”. The end product sounded good to me (at the time lol) and I put it up on soundcloud where you can still find it today.

Who and what are your influences?

Both of my parents have been heavy influences on my music taste from a young age. Before I was 10 my dad was a DJ and would bring me to his gigs. This was early 90’s so his setup included a simple mixer, two cd players, and crates upon crates of cds. It always put a smile on my face when he said “Ok, you’re up next” and I got to pick the next track. My love for singing comes from my mom who was never shy to belt out a classic rock tune while driving in her car.

What artists are you listening to right now?

Dusky, Jay Lumen, Hollen, and Vanilla Ace to name a few.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Too many to name, but I am looking forward to working with Prism House in the near future.

Do you prefer radio or live Djing?

No question, live DJjing hands down! There is nothing like seeing a live crowd react.

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