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Published on August 19th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Who is Scoot Maxwell?

Fans of authentic down south hip hop are in for a real treat in the form of budding international rap superstar… Scoot Maxwell. The owner of style that’s so fierce and fly, critics from across the country are hailing the lyrical assassin as rap music’s most mesmerizing new MC is the magic that is… Scoot Maxwell. Born Miguel Jovaire Maxwell A.K.A. “Scoot Maxwell.” In Memphis, Tennessee his childhood would be marred by witnessing a murder at the tender age of five years old. Raised in the notorious “Orange Mound” section of Memphis, the United States’ oldest African American community built by African Americans, and an area sadly devastated by a level of unmatched urban decay from gang banging, open drug dealing, car jacking, break-ins, prostitution, and murder served as the rearing site for a young Scoot Maxwell.

Growing up in an environment where violence and all forms of illegal crimes were viewed as a “Rite of Passage” in becoming a career criminal, explains Scoots’ entry into the dope game at the relative young age of sixteen. Although, an immensely talented athlete as a teen, who excelled as basketball, football, and track, while attending Central High School. Unfortunately, the lure of the streets derailed any dreams he had of playing professional sports. While a lover of fine music since a young lad, growing up in “the mound” made any thoughts of having a career in the entertainment industry a long shot, to say the least. Even though rap legends Eight Ball & MJG, are both from “Orange Mound;” Scoots’ unbreakable ties to the streets made any realistic thought of being a famous rap star a distant if not unthinkable fairy-tale.

However, in a turn of events of life changing proportions, the former D-boy, who many believed blew a promising career in professional sports, is now a proud graduate of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, with a degree in business, and a rap career that is on fire. Gifted with the rare ability to write timeless classics that often challenges the mind while soothing the soul, along with a one of a kind extremely unique delivery, are the A1 attributes that have Scoot Maxwell poised for global dominance.

Having already thrilled fans from coast to coast with a live stage show that’s second to none coupled with the south’s most talked about mix tape aptly entitled “Eyes Wide Shut,” is proof that Scoot Maxwell may soon join his top music influences of Nas, Eight Ball & MJG, Too Short, Jay-Z, and the late greats Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. as hip hop’s elite MC’s.

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