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Published on September 15th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Cheri Elizabeth creates bold fashion statements for Dream Chasers

Fashion is a billion dollar industry with new trends and new designers popping up everywhere like popcorn on sunday nights.  Yes honey it just gets better. I love a good bold print. (Especially black.)  So when I discovered Cheri Elizabeth’s “Dream Chaser 2016 collection” I was blown away and also too short to fit into any of the sample sizes but a girl can still dream can’t she?

I caught up with Cheri as she embarks on OC Fashion week after a successful spring season with her head pieces to see what was in store for fall , her collection and how she got inspired to dive into fashion

Your dresses are bold beautiful and definitely make a statement describe your creative process.

My creative process usually comes to me when I’m doing something other than actually thinking about what I want to design . An idea can come to me in the middle of the night , or when I’m out to dinner . It’s very random and when it does I quickly write it down or begin to create it right then and there because I don’t want it to slip away from me . I have so many thoughts scribbled on pieces of paper , I’ll even find ideas I wrote down on the back of receipts in my purse or mail I didn’t even read yet haha!

Walk me through one of your favorite projects where you have showcased  your collection so far.

Even though I haven’t showcased this new collection yet , It has been such a fun process because this time I did everything from the headpieces , jewelry AND the dresses . Everything people will see this runway is made by me ! It is an exciting accomplishment because lots of times designers have a accessories /headpiece person they collaborate with , I wanted to see if I could pull off doing it all and that’s why this has been very special to me .

How do you stay on top of current design trends with so many new trends coming out every weekend?

My whole life consists of being in the fashion world . I constantly am going to runway shows and fashion events so I get to see a lot of the latest trends that are out . I like to stay on top of them but I also love to set the trends .


What was it that inspired you as a young girl to take on the big world of fashion?

As a young girl I always loved fashion but I didn’t think about going into this world at that age , so it wasn’t until later on I was inspired to take on the fashion world . It was a few years back when I saw some of oscar de la renta designs on some celebrities at the Oscars that really inspired me. I thought , hey I want to do that !!!!

In fashion there are  a lot of deadlines.  Have you ever missed a deadline and how did you handle it?

I  can luckily say so far I haven’t missed a deadline, and I hope I can continue to keep this good record (haha). When deadlines occur I try my hardest to do whatever I have to do in order for me to be ready on time . There are many nights I don’t sleep and pull all nighters .


Where do you see yourself in the fashion world when you’ve accomplished all and your dreams have manifested?

I don’t think my dreaming will ever end. As soon as I accomplish a dream I think of another one I haven’t done yet and I continue to try to make that happen . There are so many areas to the fashion world that the options seem endless.

What advice would you give designers who dreams is to show at LAFW ? 

The advice I would give to designers whose dream is to showcase their collection at fashion week is don’t give up because you think there is someone better . Don’t let your doubts and insecurities stop you . The fashion world can be a tough one and people are going to discourage you or maybe say mean things on social media about your designs , but as Taylor swift sings ” shake it off ” . Yes , I am a swifty fan ( haha) . Just keep on going and your dreams will happen. Nothing is impossible .

Where can people keep up with you on social media to see the happenings of Cheri Elizabeth?

I love social media and the comments my fans leave . You can find me on Instagram under my new account cherielizabethcollection and also my accessory line embracebridalboutique . On Facebook I’m under Cheri Elizabeth . My websites are www.cherielizabeth.com and www.embraceyourvintage.com

Photo credit Stephanie Ponce


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