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Published on February 21st, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Patrick Cupid: American Contemporary Luxury Fashion Designer Goes “Primordial”

In an earlier New York Fashion Week profile, we introduced Patrick Cupid, the visionary American contemporary luxury fashion designer, who recently lifted the veil on his newest masterpiece, the Primordial fall-winter 2024 collection. Bursting with innovation and celestial allure, this captivating ensemble showcases women’s regular, plus sizes, introduces a groundbreaking men’s clothing line, and sets a new standard with luxury handbags.

Patrick shared, “This collection takes us on a celestial journey of self-discovery through “Primordial,” guided by the stories written in the stars.”

New Fashion Offerings

Regular as well as Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Patrick Cupid announced he was boldly charting a new course in his sartorial narrative with the “Primordial” Fall-Winter 2024 collection, weaving a tapestry of individuality and expression. Featuring abstract prints Galactic and Ethor, this line radiates with a mesmerizing color palette of rusty hues, electric pinks, ethereal blues, and earthy tones. Crafted from opulent materials like silk, plush wool, and knit, each garment epitomizes luxury with a touch of cosmic charm.

Brand New Men’s Ready-to-Wear Line

Breaking barriers and redefining elegance, Patrick Cupid introduced a groundbreaking men’s ready-to-wear collection. From crisp cotton poplin to eco-conscious textiles like Tencel and Rayon, each piece exudes sophistication and versatility. With the fusion of abstract prints and semi-formal designs, the wearer seamlessly transitions between casual and formal occasions, embodying effortless style and refined taste.

Luxurious Leather Tote Bags

Elevating the accessories game, Patrick Cupid unveils the Pedro and Antony Tote bags, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design. Available in midnight navy, saddle brown, and onyx black, these leather masterpieces are the epitome of sophistication and functionality.

Read our earlier feature on Patrick Cupid and his new line here.

Patrick was kind enough to weigh in on a few things regarding his line et al, and the special editions and motivations behind the line expansion:

Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind your fall-winter 2024 collection, “Primordial,” and how it reflects your unique design narrative?

The inspiration for this concept arose from contemplating the essence of our purpose, delving deep into self-reflection by looking beyond ourselves. It prompts us to question our identity in relation to the broader context – a cosmic exploration akin to navigating the universe. The narrative unfolds with the Primordial, the authentic self untouched by fear and external influences. Alchebulon, our origin, the galaxy, and the boundless possibilities represent the journey, accompanied by the diverse range of others we encounter.

In essence, this collection tells a story of the vast universe, inviting each individual to embrace their unique identity within its expansive realms.

What led to the decision to introduce women’s regular and plus sizes in this collection, and how does it contribute to inclusivity in the fashion industry?

An introduction to plus sizes has never been necessary for me. From the beginning, I’ve consistently provided extended sizing and even tailored custom pieces for plus-size consumers. In fact, a significant portion of the initial sales for the Patrick Cupid brand were to women with fuller figures. This season marks a new chapter in the brand’s visual representation, prominently featuring full-figured women. I take pleasure in creating clothing for individuals of all sizes, and I believe that my brand’s imagery should authentically reflect this inclusive approach.

Could you discuss the key design elements and color palette of the “Primordial” collection, particularly the abstract prints Galactic and Ethor?

The collection revolves around two primary colors: Rooibos and Gibraltar. These hues, reminiscent of the profound tones found in the depths of the earth and the vast expanse of space, encapsulate various elements simultaneously. Rooibos embodies the essence of fire and earth, while Gibraltar symbolizes the interplay of water and atmosphere.

The prints, Galactic and Ether, not only emphasize the overarching theme but also draw inspiration from reimagined images of deep space—spaces where imagination and curiosity can lead us. The sky serves as the boundary, the portal to limitless possibilities.

What inspired the creation of the brand-new men’s ready-to-wear clothing line, and how does it complement the existing aesthetic of Patrick Cupid’s designs?

From the debut collection, “All in Jest,” I’ve garnered notable interest from male consumers. At my inaugural presentation in Paris, both men and women enthusiastically engaged with the clothing. It’s crucial to recognize that it’s the market that guides our direction, not just designers dictating trends. I believe in listening to the voices of the people, and when they speak, I pay attention. This venture has been a passion project for quite some time, and I’ve reached a point where I feel it’s the opportune moment to embrace and explore this expansion.

With the addition of leather tote bags to your accessories line, can you share the concept behind the Pedro and Antony Tote bags and how they align with the brand’s vision?

Everything in my brand and my life is inspired by the people. Pedro and Antony, my closest friends, have been with me on this journey from its inception. When the idea of adding bags to the line crossed my mind, I envisioned creating something dependable that could accompany individuals everywhere. Our bags serve as a statement about our identity, acting as an exclamation point to our unique style. It’s only fitting that they evoke a genuine connection and love that resonates with each individual.

How do you envision the “Primordial” collection shaping the future direction of the Patrick Cupid brand, particularly with the diversification into men’s clothing and handbags?

Primordial, to me, is a celebration of the numerous lessons gleaned from the journey with the Patrick Cupid brand. My emphasis is on staying true to my identity, both in the realm of business and as a designer. Steering away from conventional and traditional norms, I aim to evolve my approach to the market and redefine my product offerings. For the intricacies and updates, stay connected by following Patrick Cupid on social media or signing up on my website.

Where can customers find your luxury designs and more on your approach to collaborating with high-end boutique stores worldwide?

You can discover our clothing collection on the website, where you’ll also find a list of current stockiest.


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