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Published on December 1st, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session: Who is Akillezz? #OfficialHype

There is no greater compliment for a journalist than to have their interview turn into a conversation. New to me, I caught wind of this dope new joint “Circus” with this emerging artist Akillezz Ft. Tony Yayo and took a listen out of curiosity and wasn’t disappointed. Shout out to his publicist Heather N. West for being on point with her pitch because, I could have missed out on one of the coolest discussions I’ve had in 2015.

So “Who Is Akillezz?” you ask…well he’s an emerging Hip-Hop artist who’s debut album “Transgressionz” gained him the attention of Hot 97 who brought him on for Summer Jam in 2014 based on his single “Gravity” which had earned more than 2 million views on YouTube.

His current single “Circus” Ft. Tony Yayo may just stamp him as a signature voice in music. He’s got style that’s got just the right pizzaz to draw you in. Lyrically, no complaints, although I DO feel he may be holding back, trying to serve it up in increments…yeah, he’s got a lot to contribute to the culture of Hip-Hop as a lyricist. When he finally cuts loose…man! Dig the new single!

I’m also going to highly recommend his joint “Anything”…huge sound…THX huge.

Independently, Akillezz stands alone in his lane as an artist who consistently hits Billboard’s “Hot Single Sales” charts, rising all the way to #3 behind his single “Anything” in 2015. Concurrently, his previous single “One Level” STILL held the #6 spot on the same chart. Pretty amazing statement about this cat’s music, message and presentation…these are SALES charts LOL…as of this writing, Akillezz is on track for Gold in 2016.

Like I said earlier, I got a chance to have a conversation with this captivating artist, but the depth of the conversation went well beyond that. He’s as transparent a lyricist as I’ve heard in a long time, every word he spits comes from that space inside only champions seem to reach. With that said, drop in on our conversation…be ready to rock with the King’s refreshing and Akillezz really brings the session to life.

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