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Published on December 1st, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Who is MAKO Girls? #OfficialHype

Mimi (14), A-Ni (12), and Kena (16) Ochoa, better known as MAKO Girls; are West Indies decent sisters that took their love for singing and dancing to a professional level in the popular city of Atlanta. The girls have created a buzz in the eastern region of the States that has spilled over to an overseas fan base. From NYC to Bahamas, the trio has been seen on major networks such as Arise TV to being featured on infamous blogs like FreddyO for their special gift presented to KeKe Wyatt during her baby shower. Gaining a prominent audience, the MAKO Girls have that hit factor that has landed them opportunities that most teen girls would dream about. From their individual fashions to make-up choices, young girls across the country are craving for more with every social media post.

Mimi is the true definition of the “Girly-Girl“; she loves all things that blings, pink with a bit of sassy. A-Ni is “the perfect mixture of “Pop & Hip-Hip”; as the group’s very own Pop/ Hip-Hop princess who possess the attitude that most Tween’s admire. Kena embodies the “Punk Rock” attitude from the clothes to the music she listens to.

In 2015, the girls created signature moves that can’t duplicated. Their Glow Party has already been scheduled for the new year and fans in other states are asking the girls to bring the party to their town. A cosmetics endorsement with Kissable Lips Cosmetics now adds entrepreneurship to their resume and each member of the group has a specific shade of lipgloss and glitter lipstick. Their merchandise has become a must have after every performance.

Media has also taken a liking to the girls’ image and thus far they have been featured on: BlackCelebKids.com, 11Alive!-Atlanta, FreddyO.com, Women and Shoes Magazine, PresidentialStyleOnline.com, NuRadio, AtlantaDailyWord.com, CNN iReport, MadisonJaye.com, DivaGalsDaily.com, and Stardom 101Mag.com. Their video for the lead single “Turning Up The Crowd” can be seen exclusively on MTV.com/Artists.

This H.I.T. (Hardworking, Intelligent, Talented) trio has the passion and drive that will help them achieve their goal of world tours and packed arenas. They make music that is fun and family friendly and their growing fan base has surpassed the girls in their schools. As they put it, “We are everyday girls that want to show the world in order to succeed you have to believe in yourself and never give up”.

As you see your self, who are the MAKO Girls?

The MAKO Girls are a tween/teen girl group that consists of three sisters (Mimi, A-Ni, and Kena Ochoa) that bring their individual styles and unique sound to create a movement towards clean and positive music. We love to have fun and enjoy showing others that they can do the same.

Tell us about your current project?

MAKO girls have a teen cosmetics line of Glitter bomb Lipsticks and everyday wear lip glosses with Kissable Lips Cosmetics. Each girl has her own signature color and a group signature lipstick called Superstar. We are currently working on our E.P. that will drop in the beginning of 2016. And we are in the final stages of releasing an official apparel line tagging everything from shirts, to hats, to jackets, even to bags with the MAKO Girls logo.

What’s happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?

When our fans approach us and let us know how much we inspire and motivate them to follow their dreams.

What makes you the next great happening?

We are bringing something different to the music industry. We definitely are not your typical girl group. We make clean and
positive music that puts a new spin to what our generation call turn up music.

Are you currently signed to a label or have any situation in the making?

Currently we are not signed to a label, but are working to be signed to a major label in the future.

Who and what are your influences?

Mindless Behavior is the group that motivated us to pursuit our career. Our major musical influences come from artists like TLC, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber. The support of our parents, family, friends, and fans are what
influences us and help us make it to where we are today.

What should people expect from your upcoming 2016 projects?

People should expect more music and music videos. We will be bringing fans into our world and show them how the MAKO girls have fun. They should also expect our Annual Carnival Glow Party which will be held on April 9th 2016 to be the bash of the year. Everyone can come out and enjoy. You should also expect for the MAKO Girls to come perform at a city near you.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know?

You guys can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @makogirls. View and subscribed on our YouTube Channel at Mako Girls Atlanta. Check out our official music video on MTV and YouTube. Make sure you check our website at www.makogirls.com where you can also buy our apparel and lipstick and lip gloss. And a special note from the MAKO Girls “Be who you are, Follow your dreams, and Always have fun.”

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

Where they do that at: OMG! People wearing big circle gauges in their nose and cheeks!

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