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Published on March 20th, 2016 | by Daja Marie


The Digital Evolution of Beauty Vloggers

So often, you may want to try a new hair product, beauty product, or fashion trend but change your mind because your brain goes no further than the curiosity of purchase. In today’s society, first impressions are everything. So, one must always keep well maintained . Fashionista’s and Fashionisto’s across the globe have a tendency to stay on trend. We always know about the latest trends and there are always people asking us how to achieve our looks. In other words, stay on fleek!

Today, Beauty Vloggers are setting the trend by showcasing our natural talents of getting beautified. We are literally trying out the latest products and trends, while showcasing how to achieve our looks. I took the liberty of reaching out to some of the top talents in this new wave of the industry. And, I asked one question we all seem to want to know. They also were courteous enough to give me a quote about their venture.


Jayla Koriyan
Youtube: @GlamAholic54
Twitter: @JaylaKoriyan
IG: @jaylakoriyan
Facebook: @GlamAholic54

Age: 21

“Starting my online presence at the age of 13, online blogging changed myself and the fashion industry. Before it wasn’t easy to view someone’s personal style through the internet. I am from a small town in North Carolina and all I knew was what was around me until blogging/vlogging started. Once I was opened up to the world of beauty/fashion blogging I become obsessed. Fashion trends sky rocketed with the click of a button to upload a photo or video. A simple app like instagram influence so many with what they wear and buy. For me it’s so easy to come across an amazing outfit or makeup product and have to have it!”


Monica “MoKnowsHair”
Youtube: @moknowshair
Twitter: @moknowshair
IG: @moknowshair
Facebook: @moknowshair

“Beauty vloggers are changing the way we view beauty, literally. Instead of being told what is hot or not, we’re showing it in video demos. We are empowering women and men of all ages to embrace their hair, skin and overall appearance  by sharing our experiences. I am contributing my skills and expertise through educational tutorials; I am a resource for healthy hair care tips, step-by-step styling and reviews.”


Christina Marie
Youtube: @BeautyChickee
Twitter: @BeautyChickee
IG: @BeautyChickee
Facebook: @BeautyChickee

Age: 16 years old (Born on June 3rd, 1999)

“I believe that beauty vlogging has changed the fashion industry today because it gives people more diversity to express their own style, and it opens up people’s minds to
think about how they would like to portray their own style. Many beauty vloggers, including myself, make videos showing their outfits for the week or their outfit for the
day, or they make lookbooks for certain events and show you how to dress for the appropriate event. These videos help give other people inspiration and ideas for their own
style so that they can feel comfortable and confident in what they wear.

My channel, BeautyChickee, plays a roll in the fashion industry today just as much as most beauty and fashion gurus channels do. When I film a video wearing a certain outfit
or accessory, and my subscribers see that piece of clothing or accessory and want it, they can easily go and purchase it on their own. And it’s basically a chain reaction.
After my subscriber wears the item she liked on me, another person can see that item on my subscriber, go out, and buy it. And then the cycle goes on and on.

So basically YouTube fashion and beauty bloggers, such as myself, can help to get the word out about whats trending in fashion, and our favorite pieces of clothing, so that
others can watch, learn, and possibly go out and purchase the items on their own. Many YouTubers, such as myself, have very strong followings. So a strong following can
definitely help an item get more recognition since people will see the item and grasp onto the thought of wanting it or having to get it.”


Jackie Aina
Youtube: @JackieAina
Twitter: @JackieAina
IG: @JackieAina
Facebook: MakeupGameOnPoint

Jackie Aina is a professional makeup artist and an active-duty military service member best known on YouTube as the beauty and fashion vlogger LilPumpkinPie05. Covering makeup artistry and the cosmetics industry in general, her tutorials teach how to properly apply makeup and ix hair in trending styles. She also routinely shares her must-have fashion and makeup items.
Based in Southern California, Jackie’s makeup skills have appeared in numerous editorial and commercial features. Noted for breaking the rules of makeup and stereotypes of women of color, this dark-skinned beauty of Nigerian descent runs a video series that takes iconic moments in black history and recreates them in her makeup look.
Jackie’s blog “Make Up Game On Point” is one the industry’s top designations for beauty and fashion tips.


Written by: Daja Marie


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