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Published on August 11th, 2016 | by Emma Rosser


How you like them apples? Jimmy Lloyd TV lands on Apple TV

Jimmy Lloyd TV and The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase land on Apple TV after running for three-and-a-half musical years on NBC

Breaking up is hard to do, but less so when you have something bigger and better to move on to. Well, for Jimmy Lloyd TV (JLTV) and the associated The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, that is exactly what happened when they jumped ship from NBC to Apple TV.

After running for three-and-a-half years on NBC, JLTV has been acquired by Israeli company Literally Media, which also owns a bunch of other cool media sites such as eBaum’s World and now streams from Apple TV.

JLTV and The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase are popular with fans and celebrities alike, with a number of acts queuing up to praise both the channel and the show for their dedication to song crafting.

The one and only Ice T describes Lloyd (“Dude”) as “dedicated and passionate about songwriting” and praised him and the show for helping would-be songwriters that hussle hard to make a name for themselves in a competitive industry. “His show is a much needed platform these days,” Ice T added, which – let’s face it – is praise indeed.

Elsewhere, Matt Pinfield of MTV fame, said that this was another step in the evolution of televised music broadcasting, and congratulated Jimmy Lloyd TV on adding “another chapter into the history of great music programming”.

JLTV and The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase are the creation of one, err, Jimmy Lloyd. Lloyd has made the most of the music industry’s first free app framework designed for Apple TV by the one and only JW Player, a digital and mobile video solutions company. This has helped JLTV et al to immediately extend its audience growth and reach, which – let’s face it – is good news for everyone.

For those not in the know, the Apple TV App Builder enables JW Player’s customer to build customized apps for new Apple TV devices with barely any fuss or cost. This result is the music programming industry’s first free app framework for Apple TV, as well as the newest addition to JW Player’s suite of video products.

Ori Elrariv, the CEO of Literally Media and now happy owner of JLTV, said he was excited “to have a program of such high quality and engaging content” as part of Literally Media’s already impressive portfolio. “We see a tremendous opportunity to be realized in the near term,” he added.

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