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If you’re an entrepreneur, “Shut Up and Do the Work”

Stephanie Synclair’s new book “Shut Up and Do the Work,” makes the perfect summer read for the “CANT STOP WONT STOP” entrepreneur.  “Shut Up and Do the Work” is the ultimate guide for experienced entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs and those with dreams and ambitions of entrepreneurship, who know without a doubt that they were born to do more, be more and have more, yet they can’t seem to grab it. It’s a book, a workbook and your new best friend who’s committed to telling you like it is!

Sure, not everybody’s meant to be an entrepreneur, but for those who have what it takes, Stephanie will guide them through the 80/20 rule of success, with 80% being mindset and 20% being action. By the end of the book, readers know where they are in the entrepreneurial spectrum, discover the thought processes and belief systems that are holding them back, and how to eradicate these beliefs. Stephanie also takes her readers through her foolproof system to replacing those beliefs and reprogramming the success blueprint.

Stephanie also shares in detail her secret formula that she and other self-made millionaires have used to create massive success and it isn’t the “hustle” mentality (spoiler: that doesn’t work). In an interview, Sinclair spoke of specific details and the thoughts that were put into making her new novel.

How long have you been writing for, and how did you get your start as an author?

I started writing out of pure need to provide information to my audience in 2010 though I feel like this book, Shut Up and Do the Work, is the real “beginning” to my time as an author. There’s more life and business experience there, and there have been thousands of copies downloaded and bought. Its true that when you write a book you’re an author but I tend to feel that if its not getting the impact in the lives of others, that’s a status you probably shouldn’t claim.

What made you decide to create this self-help book?

During the time that I’ve worked with clients, I kept seeing the same problems and issues surface. Seeing the common thread there, I decided it was time to take the message more mainstream so that those who aren’t working with me private could take the lessons and change their lives.

Does this novel speak of any of your personal experiences in life?

Yes, I go deeply into some very personal experiences in my life, experiences I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for the public to know. This book was meant to be a healing experience for those reading it and through writing my own experiences it began to be a healing experience for me as well.

What was the inspiration behind your new novel, “Shut up and do the work”?

The inspiration was simply being fed up with others “talking” about achieving and being ready to see them do. Talk is easy. But the work it takes to accomplish is not so much. I also felt that other books went into the “how to” in business but missed out on a HUGE piece that isn’t spoken about in business. The mindset behind success. Its why you see people “working hard” on their craft and they never accomplish what they desire. That’s only a piece of what it takes to become successful. Shut Up and Do the Work is that missing puzzle piece.

Would you consider this a guidance took for all future entrepreneurs? Why?

I would consider this a guide book for all future entrepreneurs and those who are looking for a successful career as a whole because its not the traditional “how to” business book. It goes deep into the pieces that all entrepreneurs, CEO’s and executives need regardless of their industry…the mindset and mentality of success.

What is the overall message that every reader will obtain after reading this novel?

The life you desire doesn’t have to remain in your dreams, you can live that out daily and it all starts with your mindset and mentality.

What is that they audience for this book and why do you feel that it is most appropriate for that group?

The audience is mostly men and women 25-45. And though this is a rather large age gap, this is a key time when one of two things are happening. Either they are entering their careers OR they are at a place there they realize they are living the life their families wanted for them not that they truly wanted for themselves and they’re ready for a change

Which chapter is your most favorite, and why?

The 5 types of failures because before you can change a thing you must first recognize it within you. This section does just that.

What is it that this novel has to offer over other entrepreneurship books in the market?

There are 2 categories in entrepreneurship. The how to and the self help. This book bridges the gap between the two and shares what most aren’t willing to share as one of the major keys to success.

What do you think makes a good entrepreneur?

Being willing to risk it all, over and over, day in and day out. That is what entrepreneurship is.

How would you define entrepreneur in your own words?

Being willing to risk it all, over and over, day in and day out in order to provide products or services that the market needs even if they don’t know it. Many people have the “idea” for a business but they aren’t and never will be the risk taker that is a necessity in business in order to succeed.

What impact and expected outcome do you hope your book has on the people that read it?

For them to immediately see themselves in at least one of the 5 categories of failure and have an immediate need to correct it. Fortunately, there’s a complete how to of doing so within the book.

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