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Who is: Coed Fly,Brother & Sister Hip Hop Duo

CoEd Fly is an American Hip Hop duo consisting of brothers and sister , Kimberly “Lovee” Shead and Darnell “Da Chris” Shead from Chicago, Illinois. The group are best known for their remix to Panda which has over 150,000 views on Youtube and Facebook combined. With their other remixes, CoEd Fly has accumulated over 500,000 views and plays on various social media and internet radio. They are based in Orlando, Florida and they were discovered by CEO of Society Entertainment, Casanova Williams, who saw a video Lovee posted on Facebook. After a few months of talking to Lovee about signing a solo deal with the label, Williams saw a video of her and her brother performing at a show. Casanova suggested they become a group, signed them both and gave them the name CoEd FlY.

In an exclusive interview with The Hype Magazine, CoEd Fly shared how they evolved into a duo and the projects they have coming up.

Jae Monique: How would you describe your personalities?

(Da’Chris):Well, I’m  real laid back, my sister (Lovee) is more of the outgoing one. You can see that with our stage performance. My sister is really the hype one and I’m more of the laid back one.

JM: How long have you been in the music industry? Is this something you always wanted to do?

(Lovee): We been doing music since we were young. We performed individually in shows all around Chicago in talent shows and church. Music has been with us since we were young. We grew up in a household that had music playing all the time. Michael Jackson, prince, Janet Jackson and even rap like biggie and Tupac. But, we also grew up with a lot of gospel music in the home. We always knew we wanted to do music. From school plays to local showcases, we did everything we could to be on stage. We knew this was our career path.

JM: What are your current projects?

(Da’Chris): Right now, we just finished our mix tape called ” No If Ands Or Butt.” We are about to drop our first single called ” I Got You’ Produced by J Harv.We are also working with other artists on their singles and we started writing for other artists. We are trying to flood the industry with CoEd Fly.

JM: What is your favorite song that you’ve done so far?

(Da’Chris): My favorite song has to be the remix we did to “Saturday.” It was the first song we ever worked on as a group and it has deep meaning to me.

(Lovee): My favorite song is our new single “I Got You” because it was the first I heard myself sounding like a real artist. I was a singer and never really rapped before until Casanova suggested I should rap. I loved to write, but never thought about writing raps. “I Got You” was the first time I really believed I could rap. Even though everyone was telling me I sounded good on other songs, that song helped me to believe in my skills.

JM: You are a brother and sister duo. What is that like working together?

(Lovee): Frustrating lol. He annoys me just like any little brother would. But, our bond is so tight that it’s okay and I would rather him bother me than not to. I never thought about working with him on music until we both signed our deals with Society One Music and Casanova, the CEO of the label, made us a group. At first I’m not going to lie, I thought it would be hard, but we know each other so well that it just flowed.

(Da’Chris): I love working with my big sis. She inspires me to be better. She supported me so much since we were young with my music that having her around working with me all the time gives me confidence in myself. Even though sometimes she gets on me, I know she is doing it to push me, which makes me a better artist. It feels good to look over and see my sister rocking with me.

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Social Media:

Instagram – Coedfly

Twitter – Coedfly

Facebook – Coedfly

Links to videos:

Panda Remix – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZBvdeGbWaU

Saturday Remix – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-WtDyli8gU



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