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Published on April 1st, 2017 | by Valerie Victor


Upcoming Brooklyn MC talks Lyrics, Label, and New Project

Swivz, and upcoming rapper from Brooklyn, NY, has been hard at work over the last decade creating a sound people could fall in love with. While the rapper is putting in overtime to gain exposure, he remains true to himself, his team, and his style of music. As Swivz continues to record and put the finishing touches on his next mixtape, he took some time to speak with Hype Magazine about his growth, his experiences, and the process.

Tell me about the genesis of your career in music. What inspired you to start rapping?

Well, we started in Brooklyn, NY. I started because of my older brother, who is now my manager and my main producer. He went to the Institute of Audio Research, and he became this amazing  producer. I was always a great writer, so we came together to create everything we have today.  We spent a long time making and creating our sound into what it is now. We’ve been doing this for years.

How long have you been developing your sound?

I’ll be 27 this July, and I really started to have my interest in music at the age of 12. When I turned 14, right as I started High School, I started rapping a lot more and writing more. I haven’t stopped since.  I was really hitting the studio and recording at that age. My freshman year in high school is when I really got into it.

Rapper Swivz, the evening he performed at SOBs. Photo courtesy of Banga Music Ent.

Since you have so many years developing your craft, what would you say is your most memorable rap experience?

My most memorable rap experience, is working with cool people like DJ Suss One, and Tapemasters Inc. to name a few. The biggest thing I think that has happened so far, was making my latest single featuring Bodega Bamz called, “For The Papi.” I also got a chance to perform at the Sounds Of Brazil (SOBs) venue in New York City which was cool.

Tell me about your label. What is the “Banga” movement about?

Banga Music Entertainment  is a label me and my brother have. Our motto is, “I’m Just Being Me.” We started off with a few people, but unfortunately people don’t work as hard as you do. So I ended up carrying a lot of things myself, and putting out three projects since then. It’s a small amount of us now, and  we just represent ourselves. The movement is about telling our story, and talking about our lives. If you listen to my music, you’ll hear it.

You have a mixtape coming out this summer. Tell me about the new project.

I’m going to have a little Hip-hop, and a little Trap music on this tape. It’s called, “Laughter Over Blood,” and it should come out maybe this July or August.

I’m  giving everyone the bars that they really need to hear. My favorite song on upcoming mixtape is “Real Ones.” On that record,  I’m speaking about life, people that feel off, my wife, my friend who’s having a baby soon, and things like that. We’re all growing up, and we’re proud of that. We’re just out here being what we need to be for our families. I have real ones around me, and they’re here for me 100 percent. So throughout the project I have songs and concepts like that. I think people are going to love it.

What challenges have you faced trying to become a mainstream entertainer in your career?

I’ve ran into so many road bumps trying to get that exposure. A lot of people don’t want to listen, or would rather listen to watered down rap. Some of these people everyone listens to and supports don’t even live the lives they rap about.

We keep it real, and people are scared of that. It causes people to back away. They know that we’re real, and we have the sound. It’s just about the exposure. I work hard. I could be down where working  on a single song for weeks, just to make sure it hits, but getting the exposure has been a challenge. I already have the sound, people just need to hear it.

Where do you want to see yourself? What do you want to accomplish?

I’m a lyricist, I love to rap. I got the bars and the delivery, so my goal is for people to know my name. I want people to know Swivz is not a game. Everything I write about is real, and I just want people to see that, and know that I’m looking to be the best. I don’t care about people who just want to be famous and make money. I want people to know how hard I’ve been working.

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