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Who Is Bayonne, New Jersey’ Artist Josh Ranta

Josh Ranta (@realranta) is a Hip hop artist based out of a small town called Bayonne, New Jersey.  Ranta grew up in a single parent home where his mother did everything she could to make sure that there was always food on the table and a roof over their heads.  During his younger years, Ranta would study and listen to as he put it authentic artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Big L and the Notorious Big.

Which, he applaud them for their ability to tell a story through their music and making it relatable to their audience.  In addition, giving artists such as himself the inspiration to follow their dreams of telling a story through music. He would later state that he loves to listen to what is being said on projects from lyricism standpoint and felt that the wordplay from all these made Hip hop what is today.

Ranta even talked about some of the producers and artists that he would love to work with one day. One of those producers being OVO Sounds’ own Noah “40” Shebib and Drake even calling them both  “Musical Genius”, because they have the ability to create and bring out best sound possible on every single record that is released.

Finally, Ranta touched on wanting to sign with Young Money one day because Lil Wayne has been a major inspiration to not only himself but to a lot of artists through his body of work over the years. The full interview with The Hype Magazine can be seen in its entirety below.

Can you tell the world who you are?

My name is Josh Ranta, I would like to describe myself as a very meticulous and diligent man. I put a lot of effort into everything that I do, in hopes of it being presented in the greatest way possible. I am also a very generous individual, I am known to be a man of integrity. I am a genuine person, I keep it as real as it gets. I make music, I am a rapper from Bayonne, New Jersey. I  feel like if anybody takes the time to listen to my story it would be simple to understand where I am coming from. I just want to give the world a piece of me and show everyone what I have to offer.

What do you feel that you have to offer as an artist that is different from everyone else?

Diversity, plain and simple. I work with all types of beats, I do not want to be limited when it comes to making music.  I feel like I can take anything and make something special out of it. You might catch me singing on one song or spitting the most intricate bars in freestyle. I do not ever want to be boxed into one lane and that is how I feel like I am different from everyone else.

What was it like for you growing up In Bayonne, New Jersey?

Growing up in Bayonne was definitely a comfortable life. My mother did whatever she could to make sure we did not have the same experience she had while growing up in the area she was from. Bayonne is a very small town and everybody knows each other in some way. My friends are close and my family is even closer. I personally loved growing up here.

You grew up listening to Eminem, Jay-Z, Big L, and Notorious BIG, how were introduced to music as a young adolescent?

Music was everything when I was growing up,  all types of genres. Rap was always the most appealing to me. Music back then was so authentic, I feel like the names mentioned, told their story so well that you felt like you were apart of their life. Those artists were always huge influences to me, they gave me the most inspiration. I always wanted to be able to tell my story like them and play with words the way they do.  Lyricism is most important to me when listening to a song. I know the beat and the lyrics go hand in hand, but I always listen to what is said on the track because of the example that was set by these artists.

When are you planning on dropping your project?

I actually released my first LP back in August. The name of it is Better Days Are Coming. It is a solid project that consists of 8 songs that I put together in a matter of three months. It is available on all streaming and digital distributions sites.

Who released the project? Are you signed to a label? If not, if you could be with any label who would it be with and why?  

I released my project independently, I do not have a label that I am signed to at the moment.  I am not sure if I would jump into signing any contracts right away. If I would be interested in any label, it would probably be Young Money. Not only is Wayne a big inspiration to me and most likely everyone else in the music game, but I have seen what he has done for his previous artists and that is what catches my interest. Not only would it be a dream come true to work with some of the greatest artists in the game right now but the things that I can learn from Wayne, somebody that has been in the game for decades are unimaginable. The dedication he has for his artists, making sure he brings the best out of each of them is something that I could not pass up.

Where do you see yourself being as an artist in two years?

I see myself as being an established artist, selling out shows and touring around the world trying to spread my music. I want the people to know who I am and listen to my story. I am willing to do whatever it is possible to connect with the people and gain their support.


What drew your inspiration for “Vibes”, “No Limits”, and in “Due Time”?

Honestly, I do not have a specific type of track in mind when I make music. I shop around for beats and listen until one of them give me a feeling. I sit and vibe out to the music and let it talk to me. It’s really a simple process, I feel like I can write to anything when I need to. I like to try different styles and develop different sounds but my main focus is always what I’m saying. I am big on lyrics and no matter what record I choose to record I have to be telling a story. The bars have to be up to par at all times.

Who was the one person on last year’s XXL cover do you see having a classic hit?

I feel like every artist on the 2016 XXL cover is dope in their own way.  If I would have to choose somebody, my choice would have to be Dave East. If we are talking about a classic hit, that record has to be very powerful and authentic. What is said on that record has to literally be timeless, that song would have to give off that same feeling forever. With that being said, I feel as if Dave East would have the most potential to be able to create something like that.

Being that you live in where you do – where do you see the music scene headed in two years?

I definitely see lyricism coming back into music which is great. I don’t know when it becomes a good idea to release music that made absolutely no sense but this is where we are at the moment. I would like to be one of the new artists to lead by example and help the scene go into that direction. I will continue to focus on my lyrics while making genuine music.

With the Giants signing of Brandon Marshall, they will be where at the end of the season?

I think that was a solid choice for the Giants. There is great talent on that team and if they strategist correctly, they might end up having a great season. Honestly, I can’t predict where they will be but I know with Marshall and Odell on the same team the Giants will be a problem.

Who would like to get into the studio with if it was your last single ever? Both producer and emcee?

If this was my last single ever, I would have to say the two people I would want to work with are 40 and Drake. Both of these people have been major influences on me when it comes to music. I personally think that they are both musical genius’ that would bring the best out of every record they work on. When I first started rapping It was around the time So Far Gone dropped and that was on a heavy rotation with me. Ever since then it made me want to take the music seriously and try to go as far with it as I possibly can.

Favorite Drake song of all time?

There is not many, if any, Drake songs that I can say I don’t like. It is what it is, he just makes great music, there is no way around it. If I had to choose, it would be the song titled “Fear” off of his mixtape So far Gone. I can listen to that song anytime and still get the same feeling. I really understood where he was coming from on that track and that is why I would call that one of my favorite Drake songs.

Any last words for the readers who are just hearing about Josh Ranta for the first time?

Yes, stay tuned. I am working on more music and performing around the tri-state area at the moment. I am letting the people into my life in hopes that they will understand my story and want to be apart of the journey. I know that the people will appreciate what I am presenting, they just need to take the time to listen to what I am saying. It will all happen in due time.







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