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Dave East Releases Studio Debut Paranoia: A True Story

Dave East @DaveEast, the 2016 XXL Freshmen,  evokes the dark elevators, dirty staircases, and project high rise grime to get on his New York grizzy. Representing East, Harlem the debut studio album, Paranoia: A True Story has been almost half a decade in the making.  Mentored by those associated with Nas’ Mass Appeal and a partnership with Def Jam Records, which was created by Russell Simmons a native of Hollis, Queens in the 80’s. Dave East, known for his ruggedly boisterous rhyme power as Harlem’s native son, debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200 charts. With his daughter Kairi Chanel as his muse, he merges grit with imperial inspirations. Dave East is evolving as a seasoned east coast emcee. Learning from artist at Mass Appeal as well as perfecting his craft. His story isn’t very different from anyone raised in East Harlem however, he has spawned a rebirth of lyrical force. This project is a coarse tale of the city, with undertones of lust for the life, flashes of power, struggle, and suspicion.

In title track “Paranoia” he channels the New York streets, and deems himself a troubled artist aside Jeezy. Nastradamus first studio album was Ill-matic, which has grown to universal fame for the emcee. Nas emerged as a young stick-up kid from Queensbridge in the late 80’s. He allowed his experience to paint the picture of New York’s underground rap scene. Nas has grown to be one of the biggest influences in hip hop history. Nas is greatly respected as a community leader, and has pushed Dave East as his protege. Tracks like “Wanna Be Me” solidy East’s attempts to bring his rough city block to the 808 generation. “Phone Jumping” is that pot whipping, high grade sound with an appearance from Pittsburgh rapper, Wiz Khalifa. His bars tackle the vices of his generation and the new crack rap era.

Perfect” the first official single, is an in-depth appreciation of the feminine element featuring the sensual vocals of Chris Brown. The track is a balance of man vs. woman; lust vs. greed.  “Maneuver” he channels his inner Jay-z, on some melodic flows including French Montana.  East rhymes, “I’m in Miami with Sade on repeat, Fifty thousand, put it under the seat, Keep a gun in my reach, Walk in my shoes, Couldn’t fit one of my sneaks, I graduated from the corner got my hustler’s degree.” The gun bars pop off while the two do the hammer dance to  the beat.  “The Hated” Queens mentor, Nas provides the classic 90’s vibe to a metaphorical track. The outro, “Have You Ever” puts an exclamation point on the overall vicarious mix-tape.

New York hip hop takes a lot of shots, but a new breed of emcee attempts to keep the scene legitimate. The immaculate flows may be a thing of the past, but the bars are unmatched. This underground story-telling grime still echoes through the project hallways, and the essence of fresh buddha, will keep your head knocking. Dave East is only 29, as a solitary lyrical weapon the sky is the limit. East embraces a slum village concept of city life, non-superficial and deeply rooted.


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