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Published on August 28th, 2017 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Masspike Miles Makes ‘Power’ Moves

When asked “What propelled you to succeed despite the odds?” MassPike Miles’ response profoundly encapsulated the backdrop of his entire career, movement, and progression. “I don’t know how to give up.” Miles’ candid outlook on life, music, and business transformed him from a young artist growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Boston, Massachusetts, to a seasoned industry veteran, excelling in spite of his obstacles, and becoming a world renowned singer and entrepreneur who has toured with some of the biggest names in music. Miles’ soulful vocals, and unique production style, moves crowds in almost every corner of the world.

Yet his success hasn’t clouded his creativity or his dedication to music. As his name implies, Miles eagerly anticipates new opportunities, and with his new album “Power” on the way, as well as a radio show broadcasting in Switzerland, a firm in Atlanta, and well over a decade in the game, Miles is “just getting started.”

Hearing a simple melody from a grand piano, or a riff from an acoustic guitar, Miles has an innate ability to visualize the direction of an entire track from beginning to end, and enjoys constructing projects “from nothing to something.” With another sonically groundbreaking album close to being released, “Power” will mark another beginning not only for Miles but for the culture he’s dedicated his life to.The inspiration for the album is largely derived from Miles’ own journey, and the realization that “true power comes from knowledge of self.” His intense and symbolic artwork for the album depicts the warrior God Agbara ready for battle, brandishing spears while draped in gold, diamonds, and rubies, making it clear that despite Miles’ success, the vast wealth of his potential as an artist, executive, and businessman is still being unveiled.

Since the release of his first project “The Pursuit of Happiness” in 2009, Miles has used his innovative approach to musicianship and business to create a unique presence within the HipHop and R&B community. Classic albums such as “A Road Less Traveled”, “SuperFly”, and the “Skky Miles” series, has produced features with artists such as Dj Khaled, Dj Drama, Yo Gotti, Ace Hood, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Gunplay, and Raekwon, while his talents as a songwriter have allowed him to work with artists such as Jamie Foxx, Sam Smith, Anderson Paak and Tyrese. After gaining the respect of artists, executives, and fans alike, Miles has positioned himself to venture into new heights within the music industry. His company The Inkkwell is a boutique artist development firm, specializing in writing, licensing, custom compositions, music production, and artist development. The facility which is located in Atlanta’s West Midtown area features six studios, allowing artists to create at the highest level with the assistance from executives to engineers.

Although Miles’ studio and company are located in Atlanta, and his loyal fan base in Europe often brings him overseas, his hometown of Boston will always hold a special place in his heart and mind. Missing the love, and support from fans, friends, and family, along with Boston’s diverse cultural background inspired songs like “Home Sick”, a bittersweet tribute to not only the streets that raised him, but his late grandmother who had recently passed away. His emotional attachment to Boston also keeps him aware of the city’s newest talent. As one of Boston’s founding fathers of HipHop, artists like Millyz, Bia, Cousin Stizz, Michael Christmas, Joyner Lucas, & Lee Boy are all artists Miles feels excited about as they represent the next generation of the platform he spent years building.

Masspike Miles (artist submitted)

With a solid fan base in Boston and across the United States, Miles has also managed to cultivate a powerful following overseas. Paris, Switzerland, and Spain are just several countries who have welcomed his impactful and introspective lyrics. While reflecting on some of his best shows Miles says: “Europe understands and loves the culture” and remembers when fans in Paris took the liberty of meeting him at the airport upon his landing in 2012. Since then, Europe’s overwhelmingly positive response to his music and HipHop culture has led to the creation of his radio show “US Fresh” where Miles has creative control over its direction and supplies international HipHop enthusiasts with his own curation of music, and guests.

With travel being at the root of all his work, and progressive movement the theme behind his entire life, his next moves within music, and business are exciting to watch, and inspires generations of fans and artists. His upcoming single “Sober” will be our first look into the “Power” set to release in August 2017, while The Inkkwell and US Fresh are only our first views into the Miles’ growing enterprise.

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