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Meet Taylor Girlz: More Than Likes

Best known for their single, and subsequent social media dance craze, “Steal Her Man”, Taylor Girlz are committed to cultivating a lasting career in music and entertainment. Taylor Girlz is comprised of sisters Daysha Taylor, 21, and Ti Taylor, 19. The Atlanta natives’ affinity with music started long before “Steal Her Man” dropped in 2016. Inspired by their father, a former rapper and audio engineer, the duo began writing and recording music five years ago.

With Ti’s creativity, Daysha’s business savvy and the sisters’ shared crazy fun energy, the pair transformed their Instagram popularity from comedic skits to a legitimate platform to showcase their music and be heard by the masses.

An EP and several well-received singles later, Taylor Girlz are gearing up for their first full album.

Other than your father, do you all have any other musical inspirations?

Daysha Taylor: One of my other inspirations is Queen Latifah. I just like the way that she held herself as a boss. She didn’t just do music, she was all over the place and now she’s a big time leader in the industry as far as women go. She is a big inspiration for me.

How would you describe your sound?

Ti Taylor: I really couldn’t describe our sound because we have multiple [sides to us].We don’t just rap, we sing a little. We have the fun music then we have the real and emotional music. I’d probably have to say our style is bipolar.

How did you leverage social media to start your music careers? Was there a strategy?

Daysha Taylor: We were already big internet sensations before “Steal Her Man” came out. We actually were making [comedic] videos prior to us dropping  “Steal Her Man”  so when we dropped it, the fans were already there waiting for us to drop a song.[We released] “Steal Her Man”, then “Wedgie” came right after that and then we had “Georgia”. Social media has definitely been a great influence but it wasn’t really a strategy. It was just our personalities that kept people engaged.

Who are Taylor Girlz fans?

Ti Taylor: I’d have to say it’s a variety because we’ve had a lot of adults, like my mom’s age, come up to us and tell us they are fans then we have the middle age (18-20)  then 11 and 12 then we have the babies.

What makes the Taylor Girlz different than other social media sensations?

Daysha Taylor: In my opinion, I  would say our personalities stand out the most from a lot of other artists in the industry. We have so much energy and so much dedication to this that it just outshines anybody.  Anywhere we go, they know we in the building. I think it’s the drive and the energy that keep people interested in what we got going on.

Ti Taylor: A lot of the social media people that blew up off of songs weren’t doing music before. We’ve always been doing music and we’re females. Most of the people that take off [from] social media are usually guys.

Your EP, Who Are Those Girlz, dropped in February of this year. What feedback did the project receive?

Daysha Taylor: We got a lot of good energy back from it but I don’t think it was what our fans were expecting so it was kind of like a shock. The EP was just dropped. There wasn’t promotion or anything behind it and it still did a lot of numbers. [Fans] know all the songs on there, they were able to sing all the words. The numbers looked good on social media so I think it did pretty good.

With an album on the way, you all are hard at work, like recently shooting a music video in Atlanta…

Daysha Taylor: Our [social media] video for our new song “Big Ole Booty” was going toward two million views so we went ahead and shot the official video for it. We have a lot of adults and kids that already love the song. DJs are playing it. We’re thinking it might be our next [hit] so we’re just prepping early for it.

The group’s new single, “Big Ole Booty”, is now available on iTunes and Google Play.  The Taylor Girlz debut album is slated for early 2018.


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