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Who Are The Track Killers?


Photo Credit – Track Killers

Track Killers was founded in 2014 by 2 visionary musical creatives “Scarlet War” and “Y.F.R.S.” Following many musical successes as a record label and production team, they expanded into technology to close the untranslatable gap between the music business, social media, and the tech world. Track Killers is a hybrid non-traditional “DIGITAL LABEL” that houses recording artists, music producers, songwriters, A&R’s, tech specialist and an ever-expanding think tank that strive to push the envelope in entertainment and quality control.

During All-Star Weekend The Hype Magazine had the opportunity to interview a talented group of individuals by name of  Track Killers Entertainment, INC. Corresponded Landon Buford was invited to a listening session by Musa Media Group A&R Chris ‘Clutch’ Heintz.

The Track Killers are a Los Angeles based company that includes artists Scarlet War, YFRS, and Prestige. The company is not just a record label it is also a tech company as well.

They have a lot of things in the works, so make sure you keep your eyes out for these talented individuals and we here at The Hype Magazine will defiantly keep you in the loop. The full interview with the Track Killers can be seen below.

Who are you guys?

Everyone knows us as Track Killers Ent, Inc. We started off as a production company and put the rest into motion. We are a now a “Hybrid Music & Entertainment Tech” company. We have our hands in Tech, Publishing, Licensing, Management, Google Cloud App Development, and we are a record label. The owners of Track Killers consist of Omaha, Nebraska “Scarlet War” (Director/Exec A&R & songwriter) and “YFRS” (Director/CTO & Executive Producer) The Bay Area. So, our sound is versatile.

How did you guys meet and how was this collaboration formed?

Photo CreditScarlet War

Scarlet War: I and YFRS met on the music scene both of us were touring at the time. We met at a show, and there were instantly great vibes between the two of us. I was just impressed with his whole movement and the music he was putting out, and we clicked from there. After both of us had the opportunity to finish up what we were both doing on tour we met up again and started writing and producing on the underground scene in Los Angeles and it took off from there. We decided to formulate the company and just by the grace of God, we linked up with “Prestige the educated G” from Inglewood, California City of Champions and it was also an instant vibe after like two singles played we would not let him leave without a contract signed.

Photo Credit – Prestige

Prestige: We met before that because I and YFRS had a mutual client and I made a track for her, and he was like who is that, and that is how YFRS discovered me. After they heard the production that is when I was brought into the fold, and it has been love ever since.

When can we expect some new music from you guys?


Photo Credit – YFRS

YFRS: All the time the homie Prestige has a new project out and is consistently releasing music and I am working on my debut project, and Scarlet has a project coming. We will be working with a variety of other artists like Jazz from VH1 TV Show “SIGNED” with Rick Ross & The Dream, Elanese Lansen for FOX TV Show “THE FOUR” featuring DJ Khaled and Diddy, and we are also working with JAG from Priority Records as seen on “Sway In The Morning”.

What do you think of the current state of music?

Prestige: There is always room for improvement.

YFRS: I feel like its a big conversation that individuals have about the mumble rap. Ten years ago we had Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon, Yung Joc, Mims, and music is like fashion. It repeats itself over and over again, but you always have to evolve. For the people that have been the wave before you should offer advice to advance the movement. I feel hip-hop is charting again and it not just reggae. Hip-hop and R&B is the driving force, and the state of music is what it is. So, have to embrace it and keep moving the culture forward.

As Far as you music background where did it start for you?

Prestige: I started in the church, my music background stems from there because when I was younger, I did not have the opportunity to grow up in a hip-hop oriented household. Due to our Christian roots and my music taste was limited to specific genres. So I grew up on a lot of gospel, jazz, R&B, and Neo Soul. So, I incorporated that into my production, while at the same time remaining hip-hop artist. From the age of 14 to now that has not changed.

Scarlet: I started throwing house parties in the Mid-West. Anything to make a buck because I was still going to school at the time, trying the whole college thing and I just did not the finances at the time. I had a track and football scholarship, but it didn’t pay for everything, and I had to make a living at the time. I became known as the guy that throw the parties on campus for about Two to three years and eventually I grew tired of paying DJs to provide the entertainment and begin to give the show myself. From there I ended up finessing my way into the radio station on campus and began hosting a daily radio show. That lead to me meeting a lot of local artists and eventually picking up the mic and creating music of my own.

YFRS: I grew in a church and started as a church musician, I have played with and opened up for numerous artist in the city of Sacramento. Shout out to Sac-town I started there and played in church Sunday morning at 6 AM11 Am, and the 6 PM service, etc. This was where I began honing my craft. At the age of 12, I started learning classical music and teaching myself by ear. I play the Keys, Bass, and guitar. At age 16 I started producing, and the rest has been history since then.

Why do you still like what you do as musicians?

YFRS: I like helping people, and I feel if your life does not impact someone else in some form or fashion then what was your purpose? I do music because it is my passion and form of self-therapy. I also like achieving new goals facing new challenges and outdoing myself.

Scarlet: I agree with that 100 percent and one thing I did not realize when I entered the music industry. As I got older and my career started to progress it went from the groupies to I just want the money then it was all about the accolades. Now it is at the point I just want to be happy. This is a sanctuary and allows you to get away from the BS around us.

Prestige: I still do this because music brings people together and when you see other major artists like Snoop Dog over in China and Europe. These individuals are not in tune with black culture, but they know every word to these artists songs. That is a powerful effect, and I have always been appreciative of that. Music is the one universal language that we can all agree upon.

What are some of the other projects that you are currently involved with at this time? 

YFRS: The biggest thing that we have been working on is “Digital Intellectually Property Acquiring Technology” from the Silicon Valley aspect in regards to publishing, licensing, production, and artificial intelligence most importantly

Scarlet: We are launching a Digital Managment Firm for artist, producers, and songwriters that will close the gap between music publishing and musician royalties using non-traditional methods such as A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)We also have a security company on the way, and we will be providing security detail for all your upcoming events.

Prestige: I’m more of humanitarian and me personally I always enjoy giving back to the inner city because I originally come from there on the North Side of Inglewood California. In the 90s, gang banging, criminal activity, and poverty were very prevalent. I am just one of the fortunate even to make it out, and after I graduated from the University of La Verne in 2015, I made it my duty to give back to the community no matter what my profession was in some form of fashion. I was one of those kids that know what it feels like to be in desperate need of someone that is a mentor. I have my hand in a couple of organizations, and one of them is CVS Freedom School, and they are founded by Children Defense Plan. The program helps with reading, writing, reading comprehension. I also dropped an album called ‘St. Valentine.’






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