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Published on April 25th, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


EDC #1 – Twist it 2

Past Life Records founder aims to put North Carolina on the map

Though EDC#1 is a true musician at heart, if you were to ask him what his approach is to the music industry he would say that his goal is to be more of a CEO or manager. His record label, Past Life Records, already represents three artists in addition to himself, and is beginning to catch the attention of others within the industry. His current artists include rapper Jayon, R&B singer Sir Ben Marx and producer Shaun Lamb. His company has also worked with and produced for artists such as Pastor Troy, DJ Sir Jinx, Ice Cube’s long-time producer Patra, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, Stat Quo, comedian Rodney Perry, and former No Limit and Strange Music artist Young Bleed.

The most recent release from the record company is a single called “Twist It 2,” which combines Jayon and EDC#1’s talents into a laid-back club anthem. EDC#1 said it’s a song he wrote for the ladies, and it’s one of those songs that has a groove that anyone who listens will want to dance to it. It’s a great example of the kind of music that he wants to create and distribute through his company – mainstream music with enough of a twist that it sounds unique and different.

“I don’t sound like anybody,” he said. “Every song I have I switch up on my style. You can try to compare me to other people, but in the end you just can’t. I try to set myself apart from other artists through my voice and the way I deliver my lyrics. It’s like no other today, and no one has ever sounded like me before.”

“I’m more of a CEO or manager,” he said, “but the songs I do make are different and versatile. One of my earlier songs, for instance, called ‘Play With Me,’ is one of those songs that people won’t fully get until they get through to the end of the song. It’s intended to be wack so that I could be different and creative. Most of the music going on right now is too similar. Hopefully, we can become the first major label from North Carolina. I’m trying to bring an open market to North Carolina and expand it more. And the type of artists I have are versatile and ahead of their time.”

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