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Published on April 17th, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


Keed Tha Heater – Money

‘BirthMarKc’ sets a new standard in sound and style for
Dallas-based rapper Keed Tha Heater

DALLAS, TX – At a time when there’s a blur between creativity and mediocrity, rapper Keed Tha Heater is redefining hip-hop with authenticity. Keed is set to launch his third album in a three-album trilogy.

The first was a project launched in 2011 called “Ultrasound.” It was a project that he started at the very beginning of his career, before he had any children. As he was looking for a name for that debut album, his girlfriend at the time told him she was pregnant – and the idea of the metaphor of an ultrasound seemed obvious to him. Practically, it was something that allowed a person to see the gender of the baby and prepare for what’s coming, and metaphorically he wanted the name to indicate the same things about his music. The project therefore showcased all types of his sounds – from serious to street to party to Atlanta-based Trap.

Keed followed that up with the album “Contractions,” which he launched a year later in 2012. Having established metaphors around the phases of pregnancy, it seemed obvious that his second album – which was more introspective and gave fans an inside peek to the grittier, darker pain of making the album – should be called something that would be analogous to that pain.

His third album, which is currently available for download across all digital platforms, is the culmination of the journey he started six years ago and is, in his opinion, the birth of something new. The album is therefore entitled, “E16HT: BirthMarKc.”

“Aug. 16 is my birthday and I’m from Kansas City, where the area code is 816,” Keed said of the title of the album. “And this is the birthmark – the day that new music is born. It took me this long to do this because I really wanted to put it out on a higher level. And honestly, I thought by this time that I’d be signed and would get a deal and do it real big. But life has obstacles and paths that you have to go through that aren’t what you plan. I came to a point where I was fighting between music and family and trying to balance both and just always frustrated. I didn’t even know if I was gonna do music again because of all the sacrifices it takes to get the notoriety I wanted. But I decided before I write it off, I was gonna finish the trilogy. I decided to just let it flow and not think too hard about it. And since I’ve been in Dallas, everything has kind of changed for me – my style and energy is different. Where I’m from in Kansas City is real serious and gritty, but here, there’s a different energy – it’s more party and upbeat. I’m in a happier place than I was back then. It’s a new me, and this album reflects that.”

Keed referred to the album as “more bouncy and up-tempo” than any of his previous work, and it serves as a display of all the “unique-ness” that makes him different than anyone else in the game.

To listen to Keed Tha Heater’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:
Bandcamp- Keedthaheater
Snapchat- Itzkeed
“E16HT: BirthMarKc”

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