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Published on April 13th, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


Timothy David – CRWN ft. Funeral

Richmond-Based Artist Timothy David Tells his Story in
Upcoming Mixtape “Matinee”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Timothy David’s journey in music is one that can inspire just about anyone to pursue his or her dreams. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, he was constantly surrounded by music.

“As I grew older and older, it was very apparent that I thought a lot differently than the people around me. I really dove into rap music at that time, and learned more about it. Kendrick Lamar and Drake were huge primary influences for their artistry and vulnerability but I tried to expand past them as much as possible,” said the artist. Instead of succumbing to the negative, Timothy focused his energy and created something totally positive. His love for music has always been genuine, and he is thankful for the creative outlet it provides him.

Once he started to release his music out into the open, he was overwhelmed by the positive support he rightfully received. “I didn’t think this emotion I was feeling myself was so universal. Seeing that my music was impacting other people who were going through similar things was really cool for me,” said Timothy David. His musical style is virtually complex; there are many layers to it, which makes it so unique. This makes Timothy stand out from any competition out there, as his music comes from his true, artistic perspective.

Coming up, Timothy David will be releasing what he refers to as the “biggest release of his life”. The full-length mixtape called “Matinee” will be released later this month, which fans will definitely be hyped about. “A more universal theme on the project is the feeling of hiding behind masks and questioning that whole process. I tackle it in a more thematic way,” said the artist. In channeling his personal experiences, and bringing the darkness to light, Timothy David has major plans for himself. He plans to shine a light on his struggles, and let others know they’re not alone in their emotions no matter how high or how low. It goes without being said that he is truly remarkable, and is going to go the distance in his career.

Make sure to stay up to date with Timothy David, so you don’t miss out on the
release of his upcoming mixtape release!

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