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Published on August 30th, 2018 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Meet Kate Willett From ‘The Comedy Lineup: Part 2’ on Netflix

Netflix Comedy Lineup 2

Netflix Comedy Lineup 2

The Comedy Lineup‘ is back with a new batch of comedians ready to impress you in only 15 minutes. The Netflix stand-up comedy series returns on Friday, August 31. Quick wit takes on a whole new meaning when this group of fiercely funny, emerging comics take the mic live in front of an intimate crowd at Atlanta’s historic Terminal West. 

The diverse mix of comedians bring a fresh take on life’s issues, big and small, in a series of solo sets and includes up-and-coming comedians Josh Johnson and Janelle James.

Backstory: Kate Willett is a comedian, actress, and writer whose raunchy feminist storytelling is both smart and relatable.

She was recently a correspondent for the JIM JEFFERIES SHOW at Politicon 2017. She’s been featured on Viceland’s FLOPHOUSE and her appearance on Comedy Central’s THIS IS NOT HAPPENING was on Splitsider’s list of “2016’s Best Late Night Standup Sets.”

Her comedy album “Glass Gutter” was released in 2017.

We got Kate to weigh in on a few things:

From the outside looking in, who is Kate Willett?

Well starting with the obvious, I’m a stand-up comedian.  People usually notice that I’m pretty short (5’1 ish).  I am obsessed with politics and try to be a very kind fair-minded person in real life discussions but am sometimes guilty of getting mad on Twitter.  In my comedy, at least for the past while, I talk a lot about feminism and sexuality.  I also talked a lot about dating ridiculous guys– skaters, polyamorous clowns, man bun wearing Burning Man enthusiasts but I need to stop dating these people so maybe soon I’ll write some jokes about how I “used to” date these people.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, comedy specifically?

Comedy was a responsible life choice for me after I decided I couldn’t keep doing experimental theater.  It happened after one interpretive dance performance in a basement too many.

What is it about daily life that inspires your commentary?

I am open-minded to the degree that it gets me in trouble sometimes. I’ve always been a really curious person which has resulted in many great adventures but also getting too close to joining some cults, having a pregnancy scare at a hippy festival, and engaging in some heated online debate with some really dumb Men’s Rights Activists.  I think as long as I’m this curious, comedic things will always happen and there will always be plenty to laugh at/get mad about.

Tell us about your experience with your first Netflix outing!!!

The experience of taping a Netflix special was so great! Because the Comedy Line Up folks got to tape together, on the night of the show, I got to be on a lineup with Sam Jay, Ian Karmel, Jak Knight, and JR De Guzman. I knew most of those comics from other shows, so it was really fun to work with them. The shows were in Atlanta, which is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. It’s warm, progressive, and has amazing food. The months leading up to my taping I was doing 4 sets a night so I was really tired but in a great way. It felt like being an athlete for a second instead of a stand-up comedian.

It takes quite a bit of intestinal fortitude to bare yourself, no matter how cleverly concealed, to an audience who may not quite know how to interpret the nuances of your routine…how do you deal with that as you prepare to step on stage?

I mean, I guess stand up is scary but it’s not as scary as performing surgery or something. At the end of the day, if someone doesn’t capture the nuances of some jokes about my pubes, everyone still lives.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of comedy…

I’m a hippy at heart but I mean, I definitely shower. I just also go on a lot of campouts and a lot of my friends own crystals, though I have never purchased one myself.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

I think the things other people would think are crazy seem normal to me.  I spent 2 years living in a commune full of 23 other artists which inspired lots of jokes and also labeling my food.

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