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Published on August 23rd, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Reemo Meerak Announces Comedic Satire Album

Actor and media personality Reemo Meerak just announced his upcoming comedy satire album Back To The Reemo, Vol.1. If you’ve never experienced his style, the below announcement he shot out will put you on his flavor…check it out!

Reemo Meerak - Back To The Reemo, Vol.1

Juuuu’ already know my #Creatives,

It’s tha #RugerSprayyyyyer; Reemo Meerak, with some news on DECK!!!! I’ve been grindin’, I’ve been hustlin’, and I’ve been cookin’ up something special for y’all. Get ready to blast off, ’cause my brand-new comedic satire album “Back To The Reemo, Vol.1” is about to hit the streams like a storm, droppin’ on August 24th on every streaming platform out there!!!!!

This ain’t just another album, nahhhh, it’s a whole movement! I’ve been pourin’ my soul, my passion, and determination into the BRAND, and real talk into every single track!!!!. We’re takin’ it back to the roots where I would “Let Tha Rugersprayyyyy” on the airwaves to media platforms. The album touches on topics of the Independent and Mainstream entertainment industry scene, as well as a side of Reemo like never before!!!!

“Back To The Reemo” ain’t just a title, it’s a state of mind. This is a project that Reemo has had on his mind for two years since the horrible experiences the Reemo Meerak Brand faced from his social accounts being hacked, the industry turning on him, and most tragic the passing of his mother all during the fourth quarter of 2021. The rage and passion have been vigorously returned since that time frame, and he’s hell bent on raising more hell than imagined with this album.

To all my day-one fans and supporters who been ridin’ with me from the jump, and I can’t thank you enough for that love. This album is for you, my people who know the real when they hear it, as well as new heads just joinin’ the movement, welcome to the party – get ready to experience the #RugerSprayyyyyer aka Social Dw33B Of Hip Hop like never BEFORE!!!!!

Peep my socials for the exclusive updates leadin’ up to the big drop. We buildin’ up the hype, gettin’ ready to unleash that “Back To The Reemo, VOL.1” heat!

Twitter: @reemomeerak

Instagram: @reemomeerak_

Website: https://reemomeerak.com/

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