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Published on March 4th, 2024 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Keva D “The Standup Chic”: A Journey through Laughter and Resilience | Live Session

I ran across comedian Keva D, also known as The Standup Chic, perusing social media and caught a segment on The Michael Coyler Morning Show which stopped me in my tracks, I’ve added it below and you’ll understand. Shock humor is one thing but when Keva related to me what she was going through at that precise moment while she was doing her bit and shooting her shot on the show, it was mind-blowing.  So, it’s safe to say that learning about this dynamo was like embarking on a journey through laughter and resilience. We delved into her roots in Liberty City, Miami, where she honed her comedic craft amidst life’s challenges including incarceration. You can catch the entire conversation after the recap.

Unearthing Humor in Life’s Tumultuous Moments

I found Keva’s ability to find humor amid life’s tumultuous moments truly remarkable. From childhood escapades to adult trials, she weaves her experiences into comedic gold, reminding us of the healing power of laughter.

Personal Anecdotes: Comedy in the Making

Her anecdotes, peppered with wit and authenticity, unveil the process behind her comedic genius. Whether navigating awkward encounters or sharing tales from her son’s football team, Keva’s storytelling prowess leaves audiences in stitches. I can’t relate some of the things Keva went into here on this page but when you listen…just hit us in the comments and give us your thoughts!

Embracing Authenticity and Finding Her Voice

Keva’s journey is not just about comedy; it’s about embracing authenticity and finding one’s voice. Through her freestyle comedy and willingness to tackle sensitive topics, she challenges societal norms and sparks meaningful conversations. There is no fear in this lioness, she’s come to grips with herself and the rest of the world doesn’t stand a chance of holding her back.

Keva D - The Standup Chic (Press Photo)

Keva D – The Standup Chic (Press Photo)

Navigating the Comedy Scene as a Woman

It’s common ground throughout the entertainment industry so naturally our discussion shed light on the challenges faced by women in the comedy industry. From material theft to the lack of recognition, Keva’s resilience in the face of adversity is both inspiring and empowering.

Cooking with Comedians: Fostering Connection and Camaraderie

Keva’s upcoming project, “Cooking with Comedians,” epitomizes her desire to foster connection and camaraderie within the comedy community. It’s a testament to her unwavering commitment to creating spaces where all comedians feel seen and heard. I know it has a deeper purpose but seriously, if that word could even apply in this situation, in the kitchen?! THIS is must-watch stuff!

Comedy as a Tool for Healing and Connection

Throughout our conversation, it became evident that comedy is more than just entertainment for Keva; it’s a tool for healing and connection. Whether sharing personal struggles or spreading laughter, she leaves an indelible mark on everyone she encounters. Leaders like her as gems and the experience she brings in dealing with topics such as PTSD, domestic violence, and even infidelity is priceless. Her Triggers to Triumph initiative is on a mission to help empower folks to live their best lives.

Looking Ahead: Touring, Online Presence, and Beyond

As we wrapped up our conversation, Keva shared insights into her future endeavors, from touring to expanding her online presence. Her infectious enthusiasm for life and comedy is palpable, leaving me eagerly anticipating what’s next for The Standup Chic.

In essence, my interview with Keva D was more than just a conversation; it was a glimpse into the transformative power of laughter and the resilience of the human spirit. Check out the full session below and just know in full transparency…her content is now part of my morning routine! Connect here @thestandupchic


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