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Published on October 22nd, 2018 | by Landon Buford


Dallas Maverick Guard Wesley Matthews Utilizes Pilates To Help Minimize The Risk Of Injury

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Earlier this summer I spoke with Jessica Schatz, who has branded herself in the health and wellness communities as “The Core Expert™. The Core Expert™, works with numerous clients to help shape and strengthen their core with a variety of Pilates techniques through her methodology, in which is to help her clients feel, function and live better.

“We can all learn to make a habit of trading ‘instant’ gratification for life-long gratification. You CAN meet your goals and enjoy your life at the same time!” said Schatz

Schatz trained in Classical East Coast Pilates and obtained her certification directly from protégés of Romana Kryzanowska, who was Joseph Pilates’ protégé. She is also certified  JOGA® Coach (“Yoga for Jocks”) and Personal Trainer.

Some of her most notable clients include fashion mogul Ashley Olsen, NBA star Wesley Matthews of the Dallas Mavericks, and former NFL linebacker Shaun Phillips.

Schatz is a strong believer that Pilates is one of the best forms of conditioning for top tier athletes and could exactly help extend their playing careers:

“Pilates integrates the trunk, pelvis, and shoulder girdle and emphasizes proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment and smooth flowing movement. A trained athlete can learn to recognize, sense, and access each part of the body individually and become easily familiar with the functional mechanics. Pilates reinforces the bond between mind and muscles and allows one to engage the right muscles of and from the core. The Core Expert™ told me

She added “I advise that every athlete add Pilates to his or her workout regime to ensure peak performance and enhance the opportunity for a prolonged career. Shaun Phillips always said that he wished he would have added Pilates to his workout regime at the beginning of his career. Athletes and dancers often have had years of training in one particular method, and some find that one side of the body dominates or is misaligned. This means there is a weakness in the spine. Critical to a healthy, well-structured, high performing body is a strong, neutrally aligned spine.”

Wesley Matthews suffered a stress-fracture injury on his right leg back in March and Schatz detailed the recovery method:

“He wisely adds physical therapy and Pilates to his fitness regimen. Regular and early physical therapy with an experienced and skilled therapist and instructor is an essential component to reduce the chance of re-injury while performing. Any recovery process should focus specifically on the injury itself, maintaining the strength of the surrounding muscles, as well as a range of motion, balance, and fine-tuning the specific motions used during regular activities. He comes to Los Angeles often and we continue to work on maintaining his fitness level, building strength, balance, and flexibility, and avoiding injury.” Said Schatz

Wesley Matthews recently spoke to me about his recovery and workout routine with Schatz, “I am a firm believer of Pilates it strengthens every muscle in your body in ways that are difficult to train traditionally. There is never a dull moment because it always presents a challenge and for me I love it.” Said Matthews .

He added:

“Injuries typically happen when there are small weaknesses in the muscles and parts of the body that you would not train. It is easy to train the big muscles, but to able to be strong in multiple positions that you can not necessarily predict on the court. If you can find balance, strength, flexibility, and core stability it gives you a shot to minimize the risk of injury.”

It the past according to Schatz, Matthews has brought some of his coaches to sessions while they were in Los Angeles in the past, but he has not tried to implement the regime as it pertains to his young teammates like Dennis Smith Jr. or Luka Doncic just yet.  He does intend to introduce the workout regime later this season to help his teammates avoid as many injuries as possible.



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