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Italian Songstress LILI N Takes Us to a ‘Spiritual Level’

Meet LILI N – an Italian singer-songwriter who’s recent single “Spiritual Level” is an R&B whirlwind of a secret relationship. Her lyrics are sultry and mysterious, just like the trap-infused beat that carries along the cryptic single. Now based in Los Angeles, LILI is always in the studio working on her upcoming solo project or writing for other artists with her major network of songwriters and producers. Get to know LILI N more in her interview and stream “Spiritual Level” below.

Tell us about your new single “Spiritual Level.”

Spiritual was inspired by a feeling of utter inadequacy in my past relationship…

At the time I had developed feelings for someone else and I wrote about our imaginary love away from everything and everyone. A sorta wrong love justified by its unprecedented intensity.

What do you want people to get from your music?

That I’m okay with being hurt, and weak and vulnerable. I think it’s crucial to feel those emotions and to become bigger than the fear they come from.

Music started as a way to share thoughts and stories and beliefs, and, with mine, I just write my truth as I’d say it and hope it makes as much sense as it does to me.

You’re also a sought after songwriter. What do you like most about songwriting and collaborating with other artists?

Songwriting is like solving a jigsaw puzzle while half asleep to me. Kind of in a trance. It’s like doing something that requires a lot of brain power/focus but doing it on a cloud. It doesn’t feel tiring it feels invigorating… I just feel innately happy when I write songs.

Collaborating with songwriters opens up my mind and teaches me so much about the human condition and the connection between language and culture… It’s just fascinating.

And writing for other artists, I mean, that’s a huge privilege. Someone with a vision deciding you can be a part of it, it’s pretty insane. Recently I’ve been trying to work with artists that speak other languages, I like mixing French and English or Spanish and English, languages are the best instrument to me.

There’s no part of songwriting that I don’t like or that I don’t feel close to my heart.

What inspired you to start songwriting and pursue music?

Definitely my mother. She used to be an international sensation in the world of Opera.

She performed with Pavarotti and Placido Domingo in her early twenties and was just an incredible, unparalleled talent.

I’d be making beats on GarageBand and writing songs to them every day after school and she would actually listen to me and give me advice and tell me that my songs were beautiful… I was gonna study linguistics and she pushed me to try and apply to Berklee. I had no idea I would actually get in. Without her guidance I am positive that I wouldn’t have pursued music so fearlessly and unapologetically.

What’s in the future for you? Will you be releasing more music this year?

I am going to be releasing 2 more singles and a project this year. I was recently in Berlin collaborating with some wonderful producers and I’m excited for those features to come out as well.

The only thing on my mind right now is to finalize my first artist project. So I’m working on it and myself every day.

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