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Audio Vixen’s Ria, Christine & Ross Pirrelli On Barry Gibb, New EP “The Colour Of Sound” & More

Comprised on siblings Ria Pirrelli, Christine Pirrelli and Ross Pirrelli, Australian rock trio Audio Vixen will be releasing The Colour Of Sound on February 1st. The EP will contain 5 tracks — all written and produced by the band — with “Another Minute” already released as the EP’s first single and video.

As noted by Ria Pirrelli herself with regards to “Another Minute” and its creative process: “When we first started songwriting many years ago, I was — and still am — very much influenced by Shania Twain. One day I was listening to the song ‘Black Eyes, Blue Tears and reflecting on people close to me who had gone through a bad break-up or were stuck in relationships that were falling apart. I finished the whole song in half an hour because once I had the idea of what I wanted to write about, everything else just fell into place.” The X-Factor Australia finalists is already one of the most well-establish touring bands down under and have plans for some work in Nashville this year.

I did Q&A with Ria Pirrelli, Christine Pirrelli and Ross Pirrelli — 3-time ACE Award Winners for “Best Vocal Group” — about The Colour Of Sound and more. Further information on Audio Vixen can be found by visiting the trio online at

How long did you spend making The Colour Of Sound?

Christine Pirrelli: 3 years from when we started writing the songs for this album to its completion.

Do you have a favorite song on The Colour Of Sound?

Ria Pirrelli: “Heart Of Mine” — that song was revived from the Audio Vixen archives!

Christine Pirrelli: It changes every time I listen to it!

Ross Pirrelli: That’s a tough one to call. I think it’s a decider between “Signs” or “Animal Instinct.”

Audio Vixen toured with Barry Gibb a few years back. Any idea how he found out about your band in the first place?

Christine Pirrelli: We submitted our information to the touring company who was bringing him out here and were unsuccessful so our manager — and dad — found his address and we sent him our EP, on which we had recorded our version of the Bee Gee’s song “Morning Of My Life.” We were told that when his wife Linda heard it she took it straight to Barry and told him he had to have us on the tour.

Ross Pirrelli: It’s amazing to know that we would have missed out on that incredible experience if we hadn’t taken that leap of faith and gone straight to the source. I have to give credit to our dad for giving us the guts to go through with sending our EP directly to Barry.

Is there a career accomplishment that you are most proud of?

Ria Pirrelli: We’re currently celebrating 10 years as a group. That may not seem like a long time for some people, but for a group — a family group, nonetheless — in this industry, that’s a pretty good achievement that we still want to keep going!

What does 2019 look like for Audio Vixen?

Ross Pirrelli: Exciting. We’re releasing our first U.S. debut single “Another Minute” from The Colour Of Sound, which is an original album. We’re finally ready to let the world hear everything Audio Vixen has to offer and are planning to do a lot more live shows surrounding our original material.

When not busy with music, how do you like to spend your free time?

Christine Pirrelli: It may seem strange, but we do genuinely enjoy each other’s company outside of playing music together. We go to the beach, the movies, go to live music venues to watch other bands…

Ria Pirrelli: I love board games and trivia nights! And yes, whenever we don’t have a gig, we check out other shows and bands.

Ross Pirrelli: I guess like most people I like going out to dinner, the movies, catching up with friends and seeing live music. I’m also a bit of a guitar gearhead, so I do like to spend time tinkering with pedals and related stuff.

What was the last concert you attended for fun?

Christine Pirrelli: Michael Buble — it was last-minute, absolutely pouring rain before the concert and we just bought tickets on a whim.

Ria Pirrelli: Absolutely 80’s — Chris and I danced until our feet could go no more.

Ross Pirrelli: Mine was also the Michael Buble concert.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Christine Pirrelli: Nothing comes without hard work. So keep your focus, stay humble and don’t worry too much about what other people think of you. It makes life’s obstacles a little easier to deal with.

Ria Pirrelli: Be you and be professional in whatever you do. I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate that in a person.

Ross Pirrelli: I think having plans and goals in life is great and important, but don’t forget to also live and enjoy life one moment at a time. Also, reminding yourself of what you have and being grateful for it is always a good way to regain perspective.

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