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Published on January 22nd, 2019 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Sound Royalties Founder and CEO Alex Heiche Explains How the Company Offers Financial Support to Creatives

Money Money Money!!!! It all comes down to budgets when artists and labels are trying to get a project off and in the complicated world of music, it can be both difficult and bewildering.  Sound Royalties founded by industry vet Alex Heiche is a company which offers financial support to musicians and songwriters and helps find hidden royalties to increase their bottom line. It affords musicians the opportunity to get music out to their fans, without giving up ownership of their publishing. If an artist has as little as $5,000 in royalty income in the recent past, the company can help the creator leverage that into advance money for their current needs according to Heiche.

It’s a groundbreaking approach to provide creative-friendly funding options that do not require music professionals to sell away the rights to their works and catalogs.

In December of last year, Variety did an exclusive regarding Sound Royalty’s announcement on Pitbull where the superstar is quoted as saying, “Musicians need to know it is possible to get their music to fans without giving up ownership,” said Pitbull. “Alex and his team have developed an innovative solution that empowers artists to have more control in their careers by providing customized funding solutions without sacrificing their copyrights. I believe that long-term success is as much about the business as it is about the music, so partnering with Sound Royalties in their mission is a natural.”

Among others, Sound Royalties has also teamed up with Lil Wayne to help finance a number of new projects, while he’s locked in a legal dispute with Cash Money and Universal Music. Wayne is quoted as saying: “Sound Royalties understands the music world and is helping me utilize my past successes to fund and propel new projects and to continue creatively evolving.” ~ Lil Wayne

I got on the line with Alex to learn more about the history of Sound Royalties, it’s current ventures and what his company means to the industry in the grand scheme…tune in!

Sound Royalties offers additional services to music artists, including tracking and securing a wide variety of royalty streams across the globe. Since its founding in 2014, Sound Royalties has completed projects Lil Wayne, Black Crowes’ founding member Rich Robinson, and other artists.

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