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Published on February 14th, 2019 | by Dj Smoke


TinaMazyck – My Line

When Tina Mazyck was 5 years old, her father bought her a Ronald McDonald tape recorder. At the time she was obsessed with the idea of becoming a cowgirl, and with her new tape recorder she created a song about what it would be like when she grew up to be a cowgirl. That first innocent song was the humble beginning of a journey that would eventually see her becoming one of the fastest-rising young stars in music.

Today, Mazyck (pronounced “Mah-Zeek”) is an artist who’s on a mission to become a name that you include in the conversation with legends such as Rihanna and Beyonce. And her new single, “My Line,” is just the kind of track to bring her the attention she’s seeking. Released Feb. 7, it’s an urban vibe with a flirty hook and some “badass” lyrics that she said will connect with a lot of other women in the world.

Born rebel Tina Mazyck shows off vocal range
with new single ‘My Line’

“I talk about real stuff – anything I’m feeling I’ll saw in my music,” Mazyck said. “I’m very raw with no filter. At the same time I’m tying that in with a melodic, angelic voice. I bring it all together and contracts different things going on. I’m also positive. That’s what I want my music to be known for – spreading positivity and having a positive message while also letting people know they should embrace who they are and be real. Be authentic. That’s the key.”

Though she traces her music career back to that moment at age 5 with the tape recorder, she said it wasn’t until age 12 that she actively began looking for ways to perform. Throughout her teenage years she developed her chops by performing at open mic nights and singing in performance groups. She soon became known for her R&B performances, but instead of doing the expected thing, Mazyck decided to do something completely unexpected: study opera.

“I used to play around a lot doing opera because I would hear it on commercials and stuff – usually for perfume,” she said. “But I grew up in an African American home in the Bronx, and opera isn’t something you’d ever hear a kid listening to. But I just started trying to sing it and copy it. At first, I didn’t realize I had the range for it, but I did very well at it and I got a vocal coach and studied opera and musical theater for three years. I’m a rebel. I go against the grain. I don’t do things other people are doing. I never have. I’m a leader. What everybody else is doing, I do the opposite. It’s not even a conscious thought. I was just born for creativity.”

Eventually, she returned to her R&B and pop roots, but the vocal training she received through her opera studies has given her a unique approach to making music. With the release of “My Line,” she said she’s eager for new fans to check out her unique sound and style. A music video for the single should follow sometime in March, with more singles set to come over the next few months.

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